Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Black-Face Muhammad Ali


NOT the "black" greatest!

As I was driving into the office this morning, I atypically turned on the radio for no particular reason. Sometimes the noise helps me concentrate on nothing.
Scanning the stations, I hear a very distressed voice talking about something they seem very serious about but I had missed what the topic. Then I heard the
oh-so-over-used phrase…"I ask my 'black friends.' I confess, I was hooked. As I continued to listen and discover what this was all about, it was easy to get
lost in memories as a young black in a small town in school at the time ROOTS by Alex Haley was on TV. It was not unlike the 'feeling' in the air the day after
President Obama was announced after the election. I could not ignore the seething rage and hostility in the air. It was so palatable that I often found myself looking
away from people's eyes for seeing too much. Some days you just want to pass along your way without some constant fight or grand debate. I think this 'energy'
is an indication of issues that, much like abortion, will never go away. It is a story of issues that inhabit the very air we breathe. It lurks just below the surface waiting
for the slightest fracture to erupt out of the silence of its captivity. I fear the race issue will never die but how can it. It is as much of the Americana as capitalism and political corruption.

Meanwhile; here is the story from the radio station. I personally think it is no less honoring to be Ali WITHOUT the black face. If I dressed as Abe or George Washington, I would not feel the need for a 'white' face to make the costume a hit. Greatness is greatness; not relegated by the race or creed of an individual; but it is often relative. I think it an unfair reality to pretend we live in a white picket society that won't be offended because "we didnt intend to offend" is our outcry. As you know, we judge others on what they did and ourselves by what we 'intended."

Bert’s Son Wants To Do A Presentation As Muhammad Ali…Complete With Brown Face Makeup. Bert Gets A Definitive Answer, Straight From Mrs. M. Ali

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I love this great country. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. Its not perfect but so far it seems the best fit for me.
That's my humble opinion.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Some lingering issues never seem to go away. I hope we become post-racial sooner rather than later, but humanity doesn't adjust to differences very rapidly (obviously) or very well. Interesting story and I'm very curious what will happen, and the choices this kid (and his parents) will make.