Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hitler and a member of the "greys" (photo) and his UFO weapon | THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES

There are things that just seem to make some people think they deserve to be above others. Who knows if any of this is true; but the implications could be staggering.

Hitler and a member of the "greys" (photo) and his UFO weapon | THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES

Alleged Briefing to President Reagan on UFOs Posted Online - StumbleUpon

The lines between truth and fiction don't exist any longer. Instead they are interwoven and almost impossible to separate. The conspiracies are thick and alliances are in full cooperation to keep and protect the guilty and the involved. Who knows what's true – but either way, where there is smoke; there is fire.....
Alleged Briefing to President Reagan on UFOs Posted Online - StumbleUpon

Friday, November 09, 2012

Obama Tears; FORWARD to Victory

I am grateful to all those before me who have allowed me to be capable to stand and exist with freedom and hope lighting my paths. The dignity that affords every american the opportunities to be and love whom they choose and to endeavor to pursue a peaceful, non-destructive life in the face of daily resistances and issues. A strong leader is stronger because of his humanity.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dead Issues Alive!

Well it's been some time since a real post from yours truly. I was at the gym Saturday and saw some faces I hadn't seen in a long while. Of course some conversation ensued and while it was more than I bargained for; it was not unfamiliar.

Guy one, I will refer to as "Shredded" came to me smiling saying "well I did it…" He would never really say what it was that he had done but I assumed it had something to do with a female he used to workout with. After cornering him, I decided I was way wrong; or at least the more pressing issue was far more intense. He continued to relate that his twin brother had passed (deceased). In my heart, I assumed him to be angry with God and was filled with rage after doing the sincere prayer thing, but God never came up. Instead, he was angry with his brother. He said they were never really that close but when they did speak it was like old times and no time had passed between visits.

By reflex, I did a quick consoling prayer with him…nothing wierd or attention getting. Then the walls came crumbling down one stone by the tens. As his disclosure continued, he had to walk away. He said he couldn't do this now; not here. I completely understood. I told him that I would always be around. I told him I understood the rage. I understood the absence. I understood the walls and why they needed to be preserved. I understood that some things need to be left to their own timing. We nodded at each other from across the room with glassy eyes and the brooding rage daring to spill out but I stuck mine back into the iron. Yes, I know the iron doesn't care or feel; but maybe thats just what I needed, maybe what he needed to escape or experience momentary freedom. Unanswerable questions have ways of worming into the back of your mind and leaving gaping holes. As for the rage, well I think I'm glad its there. It keeps me taking the next step and moves me from immobilization. Those who have gone on are where they are, even if that might be nowhere. If they could have sent a sign, I know they would have…which leaves more questions than answers. Hence, back to the iron. The pain of exertion is better than the numbness of confusion and the abyss of absence.

I look forward to our next conversation. Shredded, much like myself is always perceived as one of those happy go lucky types always smiling…but if they only knew….


Blog of note accidentally found while looking for an arresting image: Composing My Life.

Video: How to Plant Calla Lily Flowers | eHow.com

Video: How to Plant Calla Lily Flowers | eHow.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Invasion: They're Here

Cool, great art and photoshop finesse! I just like this image.

Konrad Dobson

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Black-Face Muhammad Ali


NOT the "black" greatest!

As I was driving into the office this morning, I atypically turned on the radio for no particular reason. Sometimes the noise helps me concentrate on nothing.
Scanning the stations, I hear a very distressed voice talking about something they seem very serious about but I had missed what the topic. Then I heard the
oh-so-over-used phrase…"I ask my 'black friends.' I confess, I was hooked. As I continued to listen and discover what this was all about, it was easy to get
lost in memories as a young black in a small town in school at the time ROOTS by Alex Haley was on TV. It was not unlike the 'feeling' in the air the day after
President Obama was announced after the election. I could not ignore the seething rage and hostility in the air. It was so palatable that I often found myself looking
away from people's eyes for seeing too much. Some days you just want to pass along your way without some constant fight or grand debate. I think this 'energy'
is an indication of issues that, much like abortion, will never go away. It is a story of issues that inhabit the very air we breathe. It lurks just below the surface waiting
for the slightest fracture to erupt out of the silence of its captivity. I fear the race issue will never die but how can it. It is as much of the Americana as capitalism and political corruption.

Meanwhile; here is the story from the radio station. I personally think it is no less honoring to be Ali WITHOUT the black face. If I dressed as Abe or George Washington, I would not feel the need for a 'white' face to make the costume a hit. Greatness is greatness; not relegated by the race or creed of an individual; but it is often relative. I think it an unfair reality to pretend we live in a white picket society that won't be offended because "we didnt intend to offend" is our outcry. As you know, we judge others on what they did and ourselves by what we 'intended."

Bert’s Son Wants To Do A Presentation As Muhammad Ali…Complete With Brown Face Makeup. Bert Gets A Definitive Answer, Straight From Mrs. M. Ali

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I love this great country. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. Its not perfect but so far it seems the best fit for me.
That's my humble opinion.


Friday, January 13, 2012