Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Mean Me!

It would seem we have become a nation of onlookers, eavesdroppers, voyeurs and sneak-a-peeks! With the rash of reality tv and candid camera shows, we are overwhelmed by a glance into other people's stupidity from a safe distance; or so it seems. We love to watch somebody else's horror show — we feel better about ourselves. No, dont pretend you dont want to watch a train wreck…you wont look away. Even now, you would love to stop reading; but you cant. Its in your nature. I see stupid people walking around everywhere only they dont know they're stupid. Luckily I can (and you can) be entertained for free at THEIR expense. Everyone loves a laugh so long as its derived from someone else's freakshow. But what happens when you realize you've been voted into the frey?