Monday, March 28, 2011

Heroes and Monsters; History and the Flatulence of the Pen

This blog is a response to the observations made by my cohort in wrestling with arguments as old as the moments before time existed. Old battles long before man walked the face of this earth or appeared in his present state have never been settled. In fact, despite the numerous restarts of the grand earth experiments by the cosmic chess players; they themselves have resorted to earth to resolve their own conflicts. The following is my observation to this observation.

It is a funny thing when we think what should be simple becomes quite the opposite. The heroes of war are not much different from normal men; other than having more demons to sleep with. Men are often commanded but led by three heads — that of his commander and that of his conscience and that of his human instinct to survive. It is the unbalance of this trio that produces heroes and monsters. I say "and" because the difference is relative to the viewer and the history he records. The phallus of man's ego leads him down many a dim-lit cavern, covorting with human and supernatural; emerging barely human, forced to conform to a set of ideals not formed to his unique imposition of experiences. The war hero is forever transformed by cracking open the strongest and darkest capacities of the human being. The quantity of such no longer inexpandeable to its original containers or borders. Civilized "society" in all its politenesses and hypocracies including our creeds and religions are always governed more so by our egos than our morals. The bitterness of wrongs is sweet til it reaches the light of day or media and suddenly the mad rush to preserve public opinion; which is no more worthy to judge the individual than the individual is courted. The irony is that a world without heroes; has no room for monsters either. The ingredients are almost identical if not exactly.

To illustrate my point only in the simplest of terms; take for instance, Tiger Woods — Did he do anything that so many others haven't done who claimed far more morality or more highly politically positioned? And the companies that dropped sponsorship...really; who are they to claim higher morality? It is only about face and money...nothing more. Their executives brag of the same escapades in gloating handshakes and secret smiles until some incident reaches public view. Only in the light do we scurry to our high morals; in the darkness all men may well be equal or is it more true that might makes right? I tend to lean to the latter. The guilty brand the lamb for slaughter and smile in private proclaiming no such knowledge in public.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

UFO's and Truths and Fantasies

Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Brigham Flout

Its been quite the morning of discussions. Brandon Davies being suspended has been a morning topic. BYU basketball player Brandon Davies was suspended for violating the school's honor code. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision; some things have to be considered before you sound off.

1) He knew the rules: Yeah, I know, everybody just automaticly says ok to whatever to just get in or to just take the money. You cant hold that against a person. Granted there are a lot more things that we might consider far worse for a college-aged kid to get into; but when does our word mean anything? Yes, everyone makes mistakes and I am sure he is NOT the only one. Unfortunately he didnt work in politics or any huge fortune 500 company or financial institute being badly managed; he could have taken a mere slap on the wrist and probably some moral bail-out money and a season pass to some local strip club; not to mention, get to keep his job and additional "bonuses." But he isnt.

2) Everybody's doing it: Really? Are they? Not so convinced. With the media hanging on every bad decision Charlie Sheen makes and does; one might wonder WHY this is even newsworthy...well it isnt! Anyone who's been pulled over by the police for speeding and offered the excuse that everybody was doing it was soon followed by the response "but I caught you!" Not to beat a dead horse that's still running; had he been the head of a large financial institute or politician...he might have skated free.

3) But he's a star: No you didnt! Tell that to Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and etc. What about the game and our school's financial losses resulting from being honest and holding to our rules? Honestly, there are very few saints; and a gazillion claiming to be nothing less. Despite knowing the rules and everybody's doing it; then it should certainly be ok for a star/public figure to do whatever they want. They made that money/fame; you didnt (thanks Bobby Brown). I am always entertained by people holding others to a higher standard than the one they hold to themselves. Sure, they signed up for it so I get the right to judge them...right? Is it?

Good luck kid. If you had been a catholic priest; you would have gotten a committee formed to decide just how many times you could do said act before some action might be required or transferred to a sister university. Life is uncertain. It is a fluid moment that can go wrong or right at the drop of a hat. I personally am impressed that BYU took a stand. Yes they have that right. We should consider what we say to be a close reflection of what we do. One might say that's old school. But isnt that the same school that the Founding Fathers were a part of...the original Bill Clintons....

A devil's advocate might wonder what would have happened had he had more than one girlfriend....but thats another blog.