Friday, October 08, 2010

Dumb and Damned: Human Immortality Quest

It's a beautiful Friday again on the cusps of Fall/Winter. I have been listening to a fantastic podcast called "Shatter the Darkness" with Russ Dizdar. It extremely thought-provoking. No, I have no misgivings on death. Everything dies no matter how many hours of healthy living and pills. I learned that early in life. Everyone has these questions and humannesses that continually move to an end.

Death: we tend to fear it despite trying to adore it. What does Death mean? Where do we really go? Are we still us after dying
Why do we have so many questions about the final voyage?

Having had some deeply loved pass on; why haven't they answered those questions or let us know? (Yes, I know the biblical reason)

We were once immortal (biblically speaking); now we aren't; separated from God through the sin of Adam. Science is searching for the God spark/particle. We are on a quest to become immortal and to defy death. Huge industries are founded on our quest to defy aging and death. There have been movies concerning artificial intelligence, the afterlife and cloning; all on a quest to demystify God and creation through discovering the Science of God or the Physics of God that we may control what we are AND become. In our effort to become God and thus; not require his presence or judgement: Are we questing these things to proclaim ignorance to the bible-thumpers and religiously inclined who are accused of just being simple-minded and afraid of the dark? Even greater questions; is there a larger force(s) who have far more over-arching motives leading the lambs to the slaughter toward the shroud of science so a greater spiritual darkness can be accomplished? Once we discover immortality, does it give us "freedom" from judgement? Afterall, Biblically speaking, we are judged at death; but if there is no death, can we still face judgement from an infinite god now on a lateral plane? If man becomes his own god; will not the whole of humanity be damned by itself?

Are these questions you've asked? Are they things you desire? Do you know why?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

I wonder, though, if immortality would be a good thing. On this planet, anyway. Not that there's not things to enjoy and appreciate here, but imagine never being able to leave. Great topic for discussion...