Friday, September 24, 2010

Expiration Date: Invisible Ink or Black Light

death coming slowly by
It's gonna take me several years; but I WILL get patient.

Its another Friday; improved by the conversations of commrades during a seemingly uneventful day. Our conversations are always interesting and the path to the origin of these is typically even more entertaining. Despite a week of crazy deadlines and long days of nose-to-the-grind-stone; we still remember to consider our humanity and enjoy life and the presence of ourselves among others. Today, the noted question that I will share today goes like this.

Would you want to know the particulars of your death?
would you prefer just to know what year and month?
completely have no idea?

At first, nobody wanted to know. As the conversation progressed and the dialogue continued; it became apparent that the answers had changed. YES, they argued the beauty of life was not knowing, the continuous adventure. Then as the question grew to its options, the answers swayed towards being fine with having some idea/timeframe; but not the specifics. So YES, they did want to know a general year and month but no more specifics. As I had argued, a general timeframe creates an knowledge of pacing that humans tend to be comfortable with to get affairs in order and correct past mistakes.

Of course the argument was made that if we knew too much that we would try to change it and it wouldnt happen that way. Typically, destiny and fate account for such leaks in knowledge and the very act of trying to avoid becomes the very affirmation of the predestined actions/fate. In other words, destiny already knew what you were up to prior to you knowing /finding out what you were/weren't supposed to know. One of the famous lines from Terminator II, "we have no fate; but what we make," and "the future is not set in stone" might come to the mind of sci-fi fans. If one might consider that nothing visible is made from anything visible prior to being created in the invisible; then life gets pretty interesting.

So would you want to know when you time was or would you prefer to operate completely in the dark or just have some tiny slits in the blindfold giving you a general idea of the timeframe?

everyone dies


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Andrew Stanfield said...

I was wondering if that was a cop-out, answer, I mean. Yeah, I would want to know just the month and the year but no more, but decisions aren't offered like that. If push came to shove, I would choose the mystery. The unknown is what drives us. Without that, what would we be?