Thursday, September 30, 2010

THURSDAY THANKIN'S — Lie to ME; Tell the Children Whats NOT True


I heard a powerful song. Yeah a real song like artists used to make with lyrics beyond one sentence, with meaning beyond sex and excesses and no electronic prostitution by the music machine. I really hadnt heard of Richard Thompson; but today I am a fan. No, I dont share this to trash current music or even to bring down your day. The sixties and seventies were probably the last decades of real lyrics and songs that really are meant to impact your mind as well as your life.

Dont get me wrong. I dont hate technology. I do hate what we sometimes do with it instead of communing with our fellow humans or being considerate of their existence. I would never have discovered some fine music without my ipod or itunes. [Side note: full props to the APPLE lords for great inventions]. Today I am listening to a great podcast while working on newspapers, books and logo creations. iTunes Weekly Rewind plays great music and gives some real inside information on artists, songs and the reasons/histories behind them. Santana would be one of my top 5 guitarists; but this podcast is loaded with many fantastic treats.

Meanwhile this song was written by Thompson after his child was born; so with that in mind, these lyrics really cut to the chase. You might even recall wondering some of these same thoughts when the subject of Santa and the Tooth Fairy come up in your lifetime. We would be so looked down on if we ever really told the next generation the truth instead of selling them on entitlement and dreaming...not that those arent necessary. Balance grasshoppa, balance.

The End of the Rainbow
I feel for you, you little horror
Safe at your motherís breast
No lucky break for you around the corner
ĎCos your father is a bully
And he thinks that youíre a pest
And your sister, sheís no better than a whore

Life seems so rosy in the cradle
but Iíll be a friend, Iíll tell you whatís in store
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

Tycoons and barrow boys will rob you
And throw you on the side
And all because they love themselves sincerely
And the man holds a bread-knife
Up to your throat, is four feet wide
And heís anxious just to show you what itís for

Your mother works so hard to make you happy
But take a look outside the nursery door
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

All the sad and empty faces
That pass you on the street
All running in their sleep, all in a dream
Every loving handshake
Is just another man to beat
How your heart aches just to cut him to the core

Life seems so rosy in the cradle
but Iíll be a friend, Iíll tell you whatís in store
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

Well thats all I got; so do what you want with it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Expiration Date: Invisible Ink or Black Light

death coming slowly by
It's gonna take me several years; but I WILL get patient.

Its another Friday; improved by the conversations of commrades during a seemingly uneventful day. Our conversations are always interesting and the path to the origin of these is typically even more entertaining. Despite a week of crazy deadlines and long days of nose-to-the-grind-stone; we still remember to consider our humanity and enjoy life and the presence of ourselves among others. Today, the noted question that I will share today goes like this.

Would you want to know the particulars of your death?
would you prefer just to know what year and month?
completely have no idea?

At first, nobody wanted to know. As the conversation progressed and the dialogue continued; it became apparent that the answers had changed. YES, they argued the beauty of life was not knowing, the continuous adventure. Then as the question grew to its options, the answers swayed towards being fine with having some idea/timeframe; but not the specifics. So YES, they did want to know a general year and month but no more specifics. As I had argued, a general timeframe creates an knowledge of pacing that humans tend to be comfortable with to get affairs in order and correct past mistakes.

Of course the argument was made that if we knew too much that we would try to change it and it wouldnt happen that way. Typically, destiny and fate account for such leaks in knowledge and the very act of trying to avoid becomes the very affirmation of the predestined actions/fate. In other words, destiny already knew what you were up to prior to you knowing /finding out what you were/weren't supposed to know. One of the famous lines from Terminator II, "we have no fate; but what we make," and "the future is not set in stone" might come to the mind of sci-fi fans. If one might consider that nothing visible is made from anything visible prior to being created in the invisible; then life gets pretty interesting.

So would you want to know when you time was or would you prefer to operate completely in the dark or just have some tiny slits in the blindfold giving you a general idea of the timeframe?

everyone dies