Friday, August 13, 2010

my shoes are too small.

British singer Amy Winehouse watches American rapper Nas and Jamaican reggae artist Damian Jr Gong Marley perform at Hammersmith Apollo in London on July 20, 2010.   UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom
Do my shoes make me look stupid; or was it my presence here?

Ok... I found this cool blog and it was soo funny and yet the observations I found to be very similar to mine.
Desite what folks want to pretend is politcally correct or stereotypical or whatever; the truth is pretty simple.
As much as I often want to be nice; I am finally convinced that nice folks are doormats. We try to be gentle, thoughtful and caring only to get some rude response and delinquent spectacle. FINE. I get it. Here comes the truth — my truth and you can
put it anywhere you like....better yet, put it somewhere you wont like it.

Things I hate:
Rude people
People on cellphones in line, shopping, anywhere public you dont want to hear their conversation at the top of their lungs
Messy people
Folks who dont do what they say
Stupid people
Upitiness (conceit)
Blame dodgers/responsibility slick-lizards
People with really bad breath that insist on talking to you but cant smell their own breath
Stinky arm pits or worse/lack of general hygine practices

my shoes are too small.

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Isn't there a saying that truth has to be denounced and ridiculed before it is accepted? Sometimes the only time we realize what is really going on is when we're forced to. Awkward state of affairs, that.