Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black!

Today I may say what many would never repeat in public. This latest escapade of another politician oops exemplifies one of those unspoken reasons that undisclosed men and practically most women don’t trust other women. In a time of unplugged oil in the ocean, oil-slick animals, economic downturn, Mexico drug wars, starving children and unspeakable national security issues, the one thing foremost on this lady’s mind is her opponent’s hairdo. Now its one thing for Cindy Crawford to make such an observation about Mary Tyler More; but quite another for June Cleaver to criticize Aunt Bee! If there was even an inch of difference between the women’s appearances; there was certainly not enough room for a fat horsefly to get between them. Fiorina clearly has no problem calling out folks; but pointed fingers tend to have several pointing back at the accouser. In this case, there might be at least 3 others.

It’s a sad moment to realize with all the major catastropies in the free world, an opponent’s hairdo is the only thing on the radar. Well that solidifies any vote I would have had. It’s one of those unspoken things that guys know. Women may be women’s own worst enemies. Sure, men share part of this blame; I won’t be negligent in this observation. But much like everything/one else who cries victim, some small part of reality always winks from beneath the brow. Since none of us (yet) can choose our looks from birth or families born into or eye color, one might think that we would all find something important to be concerned about. Isn’t it odd that some of the biggest truths might well be “politically incorrect” to admit…especially when everyone more than likely are all thinking the same things. Is it normal for us to ignore the obvious for fear of being labeled as sexist, bigot, racist, holy-roller or worse? Odd it may be, but the definition of normal seems to be constantly redefining itself to become quite more than odd.



Andrew Stanfield said...

You will get a lot of definitions of normal; it all depends.

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