Thursday, May 20, 2010

Double Barrel Justice: No, Seriously!


My cohort and I were yacking this morning about the possibility that blogging might be more forthcoming if we picked a subject and wrote on that. If it works for Friday haikus, then why not Thoughtless Thursdays! Somewhere in our morning antics, under heavy deadlines and workflows; the phrase Double-Barrel Justice came up. It sounded funny until it didn’t. There’s something about the double-barrel that America loves. For as long as I can remember, it has been a symbol of “being completely serious now.”

It’s funny how some things make people immediately understand what was somehow not comprehensible before. Granted there are only 2 barrels; its not likely that anyone’s gonna miss or outrun the buckshot! Double-barrels have always been an old country standard for pure communication. Sometimes words just get in the way. That must be what the folks are thinking when they try to pass guns in bars laws.


One might even draw the conclusion the double barrels are for making you do right. Stereotypically, if you are at least my age, shotgun weddings come to mind, along with moonshiners and chasin’ varmits. All of these have that same common thread of justice tied to guns. Thus it is not a far stretch to see preachers, bibles and guns bearing some relativity. They all tend to hit you over the head; in most cases, of course, for your own good. One might even declare that every denomination have their own special series of official double barrels like the Olympics have official sponsors.

Despite most of this rambling to be intended for entertainment and giggles, the after-taste still bears some unsavory realities or non-politically correct corrects. Facts can be edited or changed; truths tend to be permanent. Double-Barrel justice insists that things be done a certain way; dictated ONLY by the bearer who may or may not be doing the right thing. Isn’t that part of Einstein’s theory of relativity?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Larry Bird's immortal response to a crowd chanting "We want Larry" over and over again- "They want me, they got me, both barrels." The Celtics won.