Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Apocalypse of Tuesday

apocalypse faces

Image courtesy of the amazing art of Meats Meier: Artist and Animator.

Tuesday has been another busy day. That’s good in my book; the alternative is not so attractive. I would rather be busy than trying to look busy or fill my time by looking for things to do. When I hit a slow spot, I look forward to looking for things that will make me better as a person or better as a graphic artist. Sometimes that can be a very daunting task; there is so much information to be found and digested.

Nonetheless, there is that gnawing feeling in the background as I push through projects that a quantum leap is coming. Its that special moment that something is and something else no longer is; almost transportation to a level without the road being tred. It is these moments that become benchmarks of our existence and progression. Its almost as the needle on a record is lifted and placed at a different place without the knowledge or benevolence of the needle. The interesting part is that the groove on the record is already there. Hmmm…how?....why?...buy whom? Would destiny have pushed us to that point anyway or is it such that makes the jumps happen?

Learning creates a hunger to lean more. The same thing is true of creation; perhaps God is just that way. Think of all the animals, insects, sea creatures, cells, microscopic entities, spiritual organisms…..what a wide variety of making things and designing how they function internally and with each other. That’s huge! What is it about creating things that makes, generates and perpetuates more of the very same? How does something become from nothing? What manufactures a thought into a physical form? Some argue that things are the figment of our imagination; but if you stump your toe in the dark, you certainly were not thinking about the painful chair being in your path. As I get older, I am less inclined to settle for BS….yeah you know what I’m talking about; things that everybody says are true or are just the way things are or its always been this way. Does that mean I have to touch the fire; no, but I can explore new things to do with it or ways to control it.

The human mind is infinitely amazing. One needs only to look around at not only the good technologies; but also the darkest cruelties to see the potential of creation and its effects beyond the mind into the physical world. Our thoughts and the invisible waves all have an effect/affect on us with or without our consent. Unlike Vampires, these invisibles are not restricted by our permissions. Our cravings for control are the very demonstration of our lack of such as we attempt to tame not only our world but its very building blocks. We love the idea of playing with God’s building blocks and marvel at what we can accomplish; but what can we make without His materials? Are we capable of making something from nothing that wasn’t here before? The questions and the answers are living liquids....


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Andrew Stanfield said...

When I was a kid, our pastor said that when mankind could create something from nothing, then he would start doubting religion. I wonder if that day for him has came and went.
One of the best blogs I have ever read.