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DREAMS: The Aggregation of Our Best, Worst and Yet

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The Stuff that Dreams Are Made by John Anster Fitzgerald, circa 1858
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I have had many dreams lately. Ironicly, friends have also been telling me of the same occurrences. Chatting with Andy, my cohort this morning, he asked me if I was familiar with lucid dreaming. I was and had done it often. In fact, I prefer it. Lucid dreaming is like driving a car with the windows down. You feel the air, you see the road and you smell that air as the sun warms your skin. It’s the supreme form of dreaming. So what is it and what about it?

Lucid dreaming, also known as dream consciousness or conscious dreaming, is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. At Dream Views, you will find information on lucid dreams, controlling dreams, the stages of sleep, dream recall, dream signs and more. For me, my best dream state is right before I have to wake up – which is part of the downside. I typically wake up right at a really good part.

Have you ever controlled your dreams? 
Yes, that is really possible! Another great site on the matter, LD4all helps you learn how to do it. I have had several dreams that I was falling in and since I was lucid, I would focus and grow wings or add an awning to a building or create a pool below. So there are some real values to being lucid while dreaming. In addition, its all in the details.

LD4all lists 5 areas important to gain control/understanding of your dreams.

1) Obviously you have to first REMEMBER your dream. That can be tricky and difficult; especially if you try to force it. It works best by just letting it come back to you slowly. One trick: Water trick
You can also take a glass of water, and consciously drink half of it. While you drink you tell yourself that you are going to dream and remember your dream. Then visualise how you wake up, drink the rest of the water, and remember your dream.
When you awake, you empty the glass and if everything goes well, your subconscious will be triggered to let your dream surface.

2) WRITE it down. It is a great practice to keep a journal by your bed that you can easily reach and write during the moments of inspiration or remembering. Trust me, more than likely you will forget what seemed so vivid just hours ago.

3) RECOGNIZE Once you have a list of several dreams, you may notice some reoccurring themes. These are critical to being aware of what’s really going on in your life.

4) REALITY CHECK Some dreams are so real that you might not be sure if you are awake or dreaming. I have had dreams of my complete morning schedule: shutting off alarm, getting up, showering, dressed and walking out the door; only to realize I had overslept. Those are the days I would rather just call out sick. I hate being late. Here are some reality checks you might employ if your dream has you confused:

Read something. Read something, look away and read it again. If you are dreaming the text will have changed. It will maybe not even be text at all but weird symbols.

Look at the time. Find a clock and tell the time. Then look away and look back again. If you are dreaming, the time will have changed.

Hold your nose. Simple and effective. Hold your nose and try breathing through your fingers. If you can breathe you are dreaming.

5) SIGNS Lucid dreaming leaves signs just like everything else. Once you begin trying to lucid dream, you may notice several unique signs including feeling paralyzed, senses of motion and/or false awakenings.

Our dreams can become very powerful tools for effective management of our lives and environments. Through them, we gain a better understanding of what’s really going on inside our minds and behind our faces. Lucid dreaming is the premiere usage of dreaming. Don’t get addicted or get weird and don’t dismiss its value.

Some great sites to interpret dreams you may be having:
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I wish I had read this a few minutes before, blast it all. Thanks for all the great info. Always good to have an odd normal in the mix.