Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take Responsibility: Be Proactive

During the day of an amazing array of responsibilities, I listen to my iPOD hoping to do more with less or at least at the same time. Learning while I work makes me a captive audience; so why not improve myself too if I can. Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has a podcast that is just as good as the book; but maybe better. You can’t read and work at the same time.

The first habit: be proactive.
“Your behavior is a product of your own decisions based on values; not being a product of your conditions based on feelings. Proactive people carry their weather with in them; so they make the best of any situation.”

Proactives don’t blame other people. Seize the ability to choose your response and actions. What a novel idea. Not that any of this is earth-shattering news never before heard this side of glory; but we need to refresh ourselves often of good foundational information. Sometimes its easy to make excuses or throw up your hands and say se la vie, there’s nothing we can do or I guess that’s the way its supposed to be. Unfortunately, we ALWAYS have a choice. Our responsibility is to ACTIVATE that self action.

Proactives are sometimes labeled as those happy people or someone who doesn’t really face reality. Nothing could be farther from the truth. That is not to say there are not things that you should just leave or avoid. But often we find ourselves in situations that we blame others for and refuse to see our part or our acceptance when when could have refused to become hostage. I have often retorted that the world is made of victims and volunteers. You can only be a victim once; after that, you might be considered a volunteer. I cannot take credit for this wisdom; I heard it once in a great sermon along with, “What we fail at long enough, we will quit.” Great morsals of wisdom.

How do you swallow a horse pill?
Admit you’re a horse. Well it helps to have a liquid handy. Whether that’s a support system or chopping the pill into smaller chunks with a goal in mind; that’s up to you. Certainly most of us are faced with things which we have had years of habitual dedication; that is typically not changed overnight. However, it can be changed. If you want a summer body; don’t start working out when it gets warm; start when its cold…begin in the winter.

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Great blog. I'll have to listen to that better place to begin than in winter.