Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I GAVE my Way to Getting: How I Got What I Wanted by Giving It Away

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I heard a great quote:
“the only thing that can be lacking in any situation is that which you are not giving” …A Course in Miracles

We are truly blessed if we have valuable friends that continue to tell us the truth despite what we want to hear. If you don’t have those; perhaps you should start looking for them or become one. I heard this quote in one of my podcasts, “Beyond 50 Radio” podcast in an interview with Arlene Ford.

I feel like this is valuable information because we are all surrounded by lonely people everyday. It may even be ourselves. Aside from random acts of kindness, which actually feeds from this quote also, we have enormous potential to help each other daily. Do we really know what we want from life and other people? Are we really willing to admit to ourselves whom we are? What really matters to us? These and other inescapeable questions not only haunt us; but enrich us. Between being thankful and grateful and forgiving; we tend to get more of those things back from others. That includes beginning with ourselves.

To illustrate that point:
My wife and I agreed not to give Christmas presents to each other one year and instead take stuffed animals to a nursing home. It went great and I think we got as much or more from the act as those we thought we were helping. By accident, one person asked for an extra one to have to give to anyone they might encounter. A light went off. The next year, we decided to give the gift of giving. Instead of giving them one stuffed animal; we gave one and another as a gift to give away. You would have thought we were giving away money or gold! It was clear that these folks were glad to get a gift; but far more happy to be ABLE to GIVE to someone else! It truly was the gift of giving!

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Andrew Stanfield said...

What a fantastic idea. Giving is the one gift we never get tired of. Or something like that.