Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Being Better Than Yourself

Faulkner says:
Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.

Don’t you love your Bffs and all their great things that make them so special to you. Growing up with an inferiority complex, I always looked for people to admire or at least appreciate my oddnesses. As time went by, I got tired of looking. That’s when it hit me. Screw ‘em. We have always been here for me from the beginning. I don’t need somebody else to validate myself. Boy, did things change after that. Sure I met one of my best friends in 5th grade algebra over a comic book. And yes, our art competitions made each of us much better far faster. In the end, yourself is always with you; so here we are.

I have discovered that the less you seek, the more mystified the rest of the world is as to why you don’t need them. That’s insanely funny. In fact, its hard to drive them away with sticks. Go figure. I guess that’s why rich folks have people always giving them more and the broke dude can’t get a loan. Faulkner knows something about the human spirit that it may not want to acknowledge. Competition can bring out the best and worst in all of us; but we can really channel that energy into something that forges us ahead into unfamiliar territories and accmplishments. I don’t mind losing; so long as I deserve to….besides, its losing that makes you better, not winning.

3 Secret Reasons We Love Babies


What is it about babies and their effect on us?
Ever notice what happens to a room full of intelligent people when a baby enters. Suddenly old folks begin grinning. Women start smiling and talking in what they think is baby language and strong men melt at the slightest smile or eye contact. Even at funerals, the baby manages to invade on the solace of the moment, stirring some small gesture of a smile or memory of happier times.

1) Babies are cute! Well, most of them; if truth be told. We love the round, happy bundles of joy. Something about babies reminds us that everything was once perfect. After all, who remembers being a baby? Really? Nobody; but everyone is sure they once were one. Babies have little fingers, little toes, little noses and big cheeks. Who can resist…. Even more entertaining are all the little baby outfits inwhich women adorn them. Just more cute to be had.

2) Babies are helpless. There is nothing a baby can do to you. They are completely innocent. Babies can’t take over the world, lie to you, hurt you or even question your authority. Somewhere lurking in each and everyone of us is the need to protect or be god-like. With that said, we want to protect what is good and innocent for at least a little while. Babies remind us of our own helplessness even as adults. We miss the arms of protectors and a carefree existence from some great protector lurking to swoop in and save us from ourselves. Perhaps its just a simple matter of trust—babies don’t know any better. A babies smile is license to believe we are welcomed to protect its helpless state.

3) We are all narsacist! YES! I said it. We glare into babies eyes hoping that they can see our real spirits; hoping the baby can judge our intent rather than our actions. We hope that such innocence fresh from the other side will peer into our souls and smile. Of course, the baby is smiling because it knows how good I really am, the baby sees that I am special! I can tell you aren’t convinced yet; but you’re losing the logic battle now as you look back over the times a baby smiled at you. Babies don’t count as part of the cruel world we are forced to protect ourselves from. The baby wont give me a ticket or insist that I do something I don’t want to do…aside from messy diapers and silence. Even the chuckle of babies really reflect on ourselves. That sound of complete happiness we occasionally enjoyed we want back. The purity of the smile in those little eyes clean of the human stain are melodic.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Bendyland!

Given our current state of weather in Nashville, TN; there’s a limited set of preferences for the chilly faint of heart. Granted, I can appreciate the cold; but my soul is warm. These temperatures are best enjoyed from the comfort of one’s couch in front of a roaring fireplace with a cold drink, warm blanket and hot partner. A favorite movie doesn’t hurt either.

In my morning converse with ex-Tennesseans; inspiration struck like warm Starbucks coffee to shivering bones in the dead of winter. Bendyland is a place where these preferences are the preferred; where comfort and luxury are casual familiars and the comfortable couch is always warm and peacefully occupied. The leisure of the day is at your disposal. The heavy snowflakes fall outside your window, crying when they kiss the warm panes becoming only memories and expectations. Bendyland is a wonderful place for those who do enjoy the pleasures of life; the ones that are really hard to come by: peace, quietness, companionship and choice.

So Bendy, before you escape to that distant land, think of hot apple cider, candy canes and all those other incredible things that adults love about snow days too. Everything is possible in the land of milk and honey and Bendy.

The snow is white - so soft and bright
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Cold outside – snow piled up high
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
A big plush couch – I can be a slouch
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Reminds me of - the things I love
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
My crazy friends – can’t barge in
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Popcorns hot – my drink is not
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
The fire’s bright – everything’s just right
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Let the snow fall – cellphone’s off
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.

…pass the shrimp please…. A girl can dream!