Saturday, December 04, 2010

Time Lies Truths

father time

They say time speeds up as you get older. I remember "old folks" saying that during my childhood. At 43, almost 44, I am one of those "old folks" that I once could not fathom being. In the mirror, I can see that time has passed, etching its passing in little lines and gray hairs here and there and places hair was never noticeable before. For the most part, I still feel like me inside as I stare into the mirror trying to recognize the child trapped behind the aging face. I know he's in there waiting on me to come back or at least play and believe with him once again. Sometimes I can hear his infectious laughter beaconing me from some far away corner of memories and time.

Its not true. Time isn't any faster or slower than it was before. There are still 24 hours in a day and 60 seconds in a day. As I get older I realize how important each of those hours should be and that I cannot get them back or create more of them. That is the truth I think they, the "old folks" were talking about. It is a wisdom that doesn't spend the attention to communication of its ideas and realities. Time is not speeding up; but running out. Getting older, I realize that there is a finish; a moment coming that I will cease, a deadline at which I will expire. Will it hurt? Will I regret the path to it? Will the little boy inside flee at its coming and leave me all alone in the darkness? I don't know. Mostly I don't care; at least not yet.

I have always understood that everything that begins ends. Sure everyone who lives long enough will go to their share of funerals. You will stand there and look at the crowd of people gathered and survey their faces for reality, understanding, answers, and questions. People deal with emotions in many different ways. I suppose emotions are like roaches; for every one you see, there are a hundred hidden just below the surface or at the edge of the darkness. When I watch people, I note that funerals and weddings are much the same. If you look at the faces deeply, you can see all the same things bubbling just below the surface. At each event, I see the inner search for the personal questions of why and why not, the reality vs the illusions, the hopes and the fears holding hands, the passing of time and the effect of being human surrounded by more humans. I've been to many wedding and funerals. I have managed to leave most of them relieved and inspired. Is it because I know what's next for them? Is it because Im glad its not me? Do I just see the joy in both situations? or Just enjoy the energy of the exchange in the crowd?

Weddings are about uniting with humanity; funerals are about reuniting with God. Each relationship hinges on time shared together and the physical expression of love; even in the midst of odd circumstances. I have watched people in deep grief and great joy; they seem much the same. The light and the shadow are each important parts of the day; without one there is not the other. There's no left without a right, no up without a down; that is the order of things. If time is more important because there is less of it; then what of the wasted time before? Some make great claims of destiny and purpose — I suppose time lays all that out in its own way like a great tapestry, one side knotted and chaotic, the other a beautiful revelation. Some of us may well be fortunate to see both sides without dying; but I would count that number few. Even at faith and belief, there is still reality in the presence of such a moment in person/spirit. At the grand reveal, most say its too late if you bet on the wrong horse; others say it wont matter, and still more say there's nothing...just nothing. Whatever it is; it just is and we will have to just live with that. From the darkness can I write with light? Can I blog from heaven? Will the charcoal of Hell lend me penmanship?

Time isn't speeding up. There's not even less of it; just for me. Time will keep going without even a blink from my lack of existence. That doesn't bother me either. My 74 year old boss often reminds us of that fact of an inevitable end but continuation. The wheel will not stop for the spec of dust in the wind. Another year comes and goes and time keeps ticking; I just don't hear it as clearly. Time doesn't even blink at my smile of joy at its passing. I will be at the wedding of death and eternity stark naked without my money, computers, toys, careers or anything else I acquired while passing time. That will be ok. What a grand ceremony....


Friday, October 22, 2010

Vinegar Disciple: 6 Secret Kitchen Tricks; 4 Unknown Pet Rescues!

As an alternative to expensive and harsh cleaning chemicals, vinegar is something you can feel good about keeping in your cupboards. It has an infinite number of uses around the home, in your diet and even outside! Here are just a few.

6 Secret Kitchen Tricks

1. Stinky Onion Hands?
Onions make food taste really spectacular. It also creates spectacularly stinky fingers. After chopping an onion, you can eliminate the odor from your hands by rubbing them with a bit of white vinegar. Vinegar will remedy any stinky finger issue.

2. Perk up Veggies, Eliminate GAS!
Great flavor is important; but everyone suffers when there's a gas leak. When cooking any vegetables from the cabbage family (like broccoli or cauliflower), adding a little vinegar to the water will perk up the taste and reduce the gassiness they can induce. This also works when cooking beans [major gas leak alert], making Mexican food a far more attractive option.

3. Got Garbage Disposal Funk?
After some continual usage, it can be difficult to stand over a sink and enjoy breathing. Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal by mixing equal parts vinegar and baking soda and putting it down the drain. After letting this fizzing mixture sit for a few minutes, flush out the drain with warm water for a clean and stink-free sink.

4. Microwave Dandruf?
Occassionally things leak or blow up in the ole microwave. Despite being much easier to clean up when its fresh, we rarely do. Its much later just before company comes over. The steam from a boiling a bowl of vinegar and water can loosen caked-on food and get rid of odors in the microwave, too.

5. Need a Fruit Fly NO FLY ZONE?
One of my favorite vinegar remedies and my personal weapon against fruit flies is to set out a small dish of white vinegar and some smashed fruit, covered with plastic wrap with some holes in it–the flies crawl into the trap, but can’t get out.

6. Get More Clout with Sparkling Grout!
Dirty grout is like a beacon in the kitchen and bathroom. The solution is far more simple than you might think. Forget using stinking bleach on tile grouting.Vinegar to the rescue! Let vinegar soak on it or add to a squirt bottle to coat problem areas and let soak in and then scrub with a toothbrush. WHAMMO...walk toward the light white!

4 Unknown Pet Rescues:
Pet Protection: There’s no need to use chemicals near pets when vinegar can handle most cleaning and bathing tasks.

1. Anti-Ear Scratch Batch
Wipe out itchy ears with undiluted vinegar to keep dogs and cats from scratching at them.

2. Say Naw to Cat Claw!
Cats avoid vinegar, so to keep them from scratching furniture or sitting on certain areas, spray a vinegar solution onto the spot.

3. Cat Pee Free!
For outdoor areas, soak a sponge in vinegar and place it in the forbidden area to keep cats away. If kitty likes to mark his territory, spraying the area with vinegar can help eliminate the smell and deter recurrences.

4. Got Skunk Funk?
Vinegar also gets rid of skunk odor. Soak the animal with a half-and-half vinegar and water solution, and then rinse with fresh water.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Dumb and Damned: Human Immortality Quest

It's a beautiful Friday again on the cusps of Fall/Winter. I have been listening to a fantastic podcast called "Shatter the Darkness" with Russ Dizdar. It extremely thought-provoking. No, I have no misgivings on death. Everything dies no matter how many hours of healthy living and pills. I learned that early in life. Everyone has these questions and humannesses that continually move to an end.

Death: we tend to fear it despite trying to adore it. What does Death mean? Where do we really go? Are we still us after dying
Why do we have so many questions about the final voyage?

Having had some deeply loved pass on; why haven't they answered those questions or let us know? (Yes, I know the biblical reason)

We were once immortal (biblically speaking); now we aren't; separated from God through the sin of Adam. Science is searching for the God spark/particle. We are on a quest to become immortal and to defy death. Huge industries are founded on our quest to defy aging and death. There have been movies concerning artificial intelligence, the afterlife and cloning; all on a quest to demystify God and creation through discovering the Science of God or the Physics of God that we may control what we are AND become. In our effort to become God and thus; not require his presence or judgement: Are we questing these things to proclaim ignorance to the bible-thumpers and religiously inclined who are accused of just being simple-minded and afraid of the dark? Even greater questions; is there a larger force(s) who have far more over-arching motives leading the lambs to the slaughter toward the shroud of science so a greater spiritual darkness can be accomplished? Once we discover immortality, does it give us "freedom" from judgement? Afterall, Biblically speaking, we are judged at death; but if there is no death, can we still face judgement from an infinite god now on a lateral plane? If man becomes his own god; will not the whole of humanity be damned by itself?

Are these questions you've asked? Are they things you desire? Do you know why?


Thursday, September 30, 2010

THURSDAY THANKIN'S — Lie to ME; Tell the Children Whats NOT True


I heard a powerful song. Yeah a real song like artists used to make with lyrics beyond one sentence, with meaning beyond sex and excesses and no electronic prostitution by the music machine. I really hadnt heard of Richard Thompson; but today I am a fan. No, I dont share this to trash current music or even to bring down your day. The sixties and seventies were probably the last decades of real lyrics and songs that really are meant to impact your mind as well as your life.

Dont get me wrong. I dont hate technology. I do hate what we sometimes do with it instead of communing with our fellow humans or being considerate of their existence. I would never have discovered some fine music without my ipod or itunes. [Side note: full props to the APPLE lords for great inventions]. Today I am listening to a great podcast while working on newspapers, books and logo creations. iTunes Weekly Rewind plays great music and gives some real inside information on artists, songs and the reasons/histories behind them. Santana would be one of my top 5 guitarists; but this podcast is loaded with many fantastic treats.

Meanwhile this song was written by Thompson after his child was born; so with that in mind, these lyrics really cut to the chase. You might even recall wondering some of these same thoughts when the subject of Santa and the Tooth Fairy come up in your lifetime. We would be so looked down on if we ever really told the next generation the truth instead of selling them on entitlement and dreaming...not that those arent necessary. Balance grasshoppa, balance.

The End of the Rainbow
I feel for you, you little horror
Safe at your motherís breast
No lucky break for you around the corner
ĎCos your father is a bully
And he thinks that youíre a pest
And your sister, sheís no better than a whore

Life seems so rosy in the cradle
but Iíll be a friend, Iíll tell you whatís in store
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

Tycoons and barrow boys will rob you
And throw you on the side
And all because they love themselves sincerely
And the man holds a bread-knife
Up to your throat, is four feet wide
And heís anxious just to show you what itís for

Your mother works so hard to make you happy
But take a look outside the nursery door
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

All the sad and empty faces
That pass you on the street
All running in their sleep, all in a dream
Every loving handshake
Is just another man to beat
How your heart aches just to cut him to the core

Life seems so rosy in the cradle
but Iíll be a friend, Iíll tell you whatís in store
Thereís nothing at the end of the rainbow
Thereís nothing to grow up for anymore

Well thats all I got; so do what you want with it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Expiration Date: Invisible Ink or Black Light

death coming slowly by
It's gonna take me several years; but I WILL get patient.

Its another Friday; improved by the conversations of commrades during a seemingly uneventful day. Our conversations are always interesting and the path to the origin of these is typically even more entertaining. Despite a week of crazy deadlines and long days of nose-to-the-grind-stone; we still remember to consider our humanity and enjoy life and the presence of ourselves among others. Today, the noted question that I will share today goes like this.

Would you want to know the particulars of your death?
would you prefer just to know what year and month?
completely have no idea?

At first, nobody wanted to know. As the conversation progressed and the dialogue continued; it became apparent that the answers had changed. YES, they argued the beauty of life was not knowing, the continuous adventure. Then as the question grew to its options, the answers swayed towards being fine with having some idea/timeframe; but not the specifics. So YES, they did want to know a general year and month but no more specifics. As I had argued, a general timeframe creates an knowledge of pacing that humans tend to be comfortable with to get affairs in order and correct past mistakes.

Of course the argument was made that if we knew too much that we would try to change it and it wouldnt happen that way. Typically, destiny and fate account for such leaks in knowledge and the very act of trying to avoid becomes the very affirmation of the predestined actions/fate. In other words, destiny already knew what you were up to prior to you knowing /finding out what you were/weren't supposed to know. One of the famous lines from Terminator II, "we have no fate; but what we make," and "the future is not set in stone" might come to the mind of sci-fi fans. If one might consider that nothing visible is made from anything visible prior to being created in the invisible; then life gets pretty interesting.

So would you want to know when you time was or would you prefer to operate completely in the dark or just have some tiny slits in the blindfold giving you a general idea of the timeframe?

everyone dies


Monday, August 30, 2010

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets - Chill Out Point

wierd creatives

A creative mind knows no bounds;
which makes it infinitely powerful and equally dangerous;
but it can also cause some raised eyebrows and wide grins or complete disdain.
33 Weird and Funny Gadgets - Chill Out Point

Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Fascinating Sealed and Secret Documents

top secret files

Its funny how people react to the truth. It is often a most bitter pill not sweetened by water or juice nor love.
It would seem to be the most unpopular of duties to enforce or illuminate. Its bearer almost always ends up singed
from the heat of its exposure. People always beg others to be kind or nice to them when these matters arise; but the
TRUTH is; they only listen when its rough. How unfortunate; perhaps it is just human nature. It's even worse when the truth
taints our heroes, religions, idols and prides.

10 Fascinating Sealed and Secret Documents

Read and enjoy!!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

my shoes are too small.

British singer Amy Winehouse watches American rapper Nas and Jamaican reggae artist Damian Jr Gong Marley perform at Hammersmith Apollo in London on July 20, 2010.   UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom
Do my shoes make me look stupid; or was it my presence here?

Ok... I found this cool blog and it was soo funny and yet the observations I found to be very similar to mine.
Desite what folks want to pretend is politcally correct or stereotypical or whatever; the truth is pretty simple.
As much as I often want to be nice; I am finally convinced that nice folks are doormats. We try to be gentle, thoughtful and caring only to get some rude response and delinquent spectacle. FINE. I get it. Here comes the truth — my truth and you can
put it anywhere you like....better yet, put it somewhere you wont like it.

Things I hate:
Rude people
People on cellphones in line, shopping, anywhere public you dont want to hear their conversation at the top of their lungs
Messy people
Folks who dont do what they say
Stupid people
Upitiness (conceit)
Blame dodgers/responsibility slick-lizards
People with really bad breath that insist on talking to you but cant smell their own breath
Stinky arm pits or worse/lack of general hygine practices

my shoes are too small.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black!

Today I may say what many would never repeat in public. This latest escapade of another politician oops exemplifies one of those unspoken reasons that undisclosed men and practically most women don’t trust other women. In a time of unplugged oil in the ocean, oil-slick animals, economic downturn, Mexico drug wars, starving children and unspeakable national security issues, the one thing foremost on this lady’s mind is her opponent’s hairdo. Now its one thing for Cindy Crawford to make such an observation about Mary Tyler More; but quite another for June Cleaver to criticize Aunt Bee! If there was even an inch of difference between the women’s appearances; there was certainly not enough room for a fat horsefly to get between them. Fiorina clearly has no problem calling out folks; but pointed fingers tend to have several pointing back at the accouser. In this case, there might be at least 3 others.

It’s a sad moment to realize with all the major catastropies in the free world, an opponent’s hairdo is the only thing on the radar. Well that solidifies any vote I would have had. It’s one of those unspoken things that guys know. Women may be women’s own worst enemies. Sure, men share part of this blame; I won’t be negligent in this observation. But much like everything/one else who cries victim, some small part of reality always winks from beneath the brow. Since none of us (yet) can choose our looks from birth or families born into or eye color, one might think that we would all find something important to be concerned about. Isn’t it odd that some of the biggest truths might well be “politically incorrect” to admit…especially when everyone more than likely are all thinking the same things. Is it normal for us to ignore the obvious for fear of being labeled as sexist, bigot, racist, holy-roller or worse? Odd it may be, but the definition of normal seems to be constantly redefining itself to become quite more than odd.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Double Barrel Justice: No, Seriously!


My cohort and I were yacking this morning about the possibility that blogging might be more forthcoming if we picked a subject and wrote on that. If it works for Friday haikus, then why not Thoughtless Thursdays! Somewhere in our morning antics, under heavy deadlines and workflows; the phrase Double-Barrel Justice came up. It sounded funny until it didn’t. There’s something about the double-barrel that America loves. For as long as I can remember, it has been a symbol of “being completely serious now.”

It’s funny how some things make people immediately understand what was somehow not comprehensible before. Granted there are only 2 barrels; its not likely that anyone’s gonna miss or outrun the buckshot! Double-barrels have always been an old country standard for pure communication. Sometimes words just get in the way. That must be what the folks are thinking when they try to pass guns in bars laws.


One might even draw the conclusion the double barrels are for making you do right. Stereotypically, if you are at least my age, shotgun weddings come to mind, along with moonshiners and chasin’ varmits. All of these have that same common thread of justice tied to guns. Thus it is not a far stretch to see preachers, bibles and guns bearing some relativity. They all tend to hit you over the head; in most cases, of course, for your own good. One might even declare that every denomination have their own special series of official double barrels like the Olympics have official sponsors.

Despite most of this rambling to be intended for entertainment and giggles, the after-taste still bears some unsavory realities or non-politically correct corrects. Facts can be edited or changed; truths tend to be permanent. Double-Barrel justice insists that things be done a certain way; dictated ONLY by the bearer who may or may not be doing the right thing. Isn’t that part of Einstein’s theory of relativity?


Friday, May 14, 2010

Death Stole Home: Memories Linger in Old Places

Coming Home 2 Death 1 Images
WARNING: This blog will be straight out and without edit; raw. I have been struggling with the thought of this blog for some time. The words are not clear in my head. The feelings are a bit unsettling. It may read very disconnected.

I have spent a lot of time after visiting my father in my hometown some weeks ago before the great flood of TN thinking about what was, what is and what is to come. As the oldest of six, I know in theory that I will be the first to die among my siblings. My father's brothers had the same looks in their eyes when we attended their eldest brother's funeral. That longing thought of the future coming that could not be avoided. I don't know why everyone dies; but I know that they do. I think my stepfather has been gone for 2 years and my mother for 3 years. I say I think because time has had very little meaning since they passed. In my spirit, I feel the numbness still lingering from mother's absence and am certain that I have accomplished nothing worthwhile since; no do I have much drive to do so. The purpose seems meaningless. Despite not really wanting it any other way, it stinks being the oldest. Everything seems to weigh upon your shoulders; you feel the strong urge of being a fixer, discipliner, healer, rescuer, guardian, peacemaker, war maker and glue. Without mothers, it becomes strangely clear just how strange the relationships are without the glue that held them in place before. The memories sneak up at the oddest and smallest of times and things. Sometimes your mind reminds you of little things it took notes of without telling you at the time. Its like a slap from a cold hand in July. It stings and comforts in the same lick.

I cannot remember how to be driven any more. Before I think it was to prove that it was all worth while; that her sufferings were not in vane. Sure fathers count too; but let's face it; men get the easy side of the deal. Every accomplishment I can remember being underscored by her smile or her tears. Now those days are gone; that smile is invisible. This blog started because as things die, so does the definition of home change. I always used to define home as where I live now but real home was where I began. But what happens when the people that began you are gone? I couldn't help but wonder how or why would I go back to that small West Tennessee town once they were both gone. Would I come back? Why? Would it still be home? Would I miss it or forget all the things I thought were so unique and drawing during holidays?

Sure I still have some good friends from there. Some of them have lost both parents now. My long lost refuge and hero of the day kept me anchored to what seemed like reality then. My fondest memory was during college and we were both back home. It was winter and we had been at college. Yes, we were men of our own destinies then; we stayed up as late as we wanted and made and suffered from our own decisions. Of course, by 9pm in a small town, the sidewalks roll up; by midnight, only gas stations were open. Unable to sleep, I called and of course he had the same problem. His mom was great too. So I went over; it was a short drive. We had hot apple cider with one of those Sonic starburst candies in it. We talked for hours and sometimes we could just sit silently for the same amount of time and everything was still just fine. Occasionally his mother might saunter through and laugh and say good night. My mind always goes back to that night. The silence and the future all co-habitating. His mother was a very special lady. When she passed, it was another sad day.

I never saw him much after she was gone; there was very little reason to come back I guess or the memories were just too strong. I ask him last week about this very subject: Does home change when what started it is gone? or is it defined by birth or earliest memories? In his wisdom, he replied, I say home is different for everyone. It could be the place where you feel the most unconditional love or just your private little peace of paradise where you escape the World and everything that is of the World. For me, Home has changed as I have gotten older; but in my heart, home will always be in Sibley, because that's where I feel my Mom's presence is strongest. I suppose his words made sense; they always did.

I still dont know about where I have not gone. So I suppose I have such reasonings to look forward to in the future. I have rarely been able to assume that I will feel as most others do in typical situations. Its always been different for me. I never understood it and when I stopped caring; it stopped hurting. Whomever we are cannot help me and that's ok. Time will do what it will and destiny is but a thorn in the eye of choice. What is and what is not are interchangeable to me. I have decided against the norm and taken the roads less traveled. I know the dead know what we can only hope or make up. That's a reality that most of us are afraid to face. But our day is coming too.

Where is home for you? How do you define home? Is it dependent on birth, memories, parents … I want to know. I want to hear your take on it all. Its ok if you disagree with anything I have already said. Everybody has eyelashes until they don't.


Friday, April 23, 2010

DREAMS: The Aggregation of Our Best, Worst and Yet

dreaming awake

The Stuff that Dreams Are Made by John Anster Fitzgerald, circa 1858
Image from Ursi's Eso Garden, a great blog with some amazing images. Check it out too!

I have had many dreams lately. Ironicly, friends have also been telling me of the same occurrences. Chatting with Andy, my cohort this morning, he asked me if I was familiar with lucid dreaming. I was and had done it often. In fact, I prefer it. Lucid dreaming is like driving a car with the windows down. You feel the air, you see the road and you smell that air as the sun warms your skin. It’s the supreme form of dreaming. So what is it and what about it?

Lucid dreaming, also known as dream consciousness or conscious dreaming, is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. At Dream Views, you will find information on lucid dreams, controlling dreams, the stages of sleep, dream recall, dream signs and more. For me, my best dream state is right before I have to wake up – which is part of the downside. I typically wake up right at a really good part.

Have you ever controlled your dreams? 
Yes, that is really possible! Another great site on the matter, LD4all helps you learn how to do it. I have had several dreams that I was falling in and since I was lucid, I would focus and grow wings or add an awning to a building or create a pool below. So there are some real values to being lucid while dreaming. In addition, its all in the details.

LD4all lists 5 areas important to gain control/understanding of your dreams.

1) Obviously you have to first REMEMBER your dream. That can be tricky and difficult; especially if you try to force it. It works best by just letting it come back to you slowly. One trick: Water trick
You can also take a glass of water, and consciously drink half of it. While you drink you tell yourself that you are going to dream and remember your dream. Then visualise how you wake up, drink the rest of the water, and remember your dream.
When you awake, you empty the glass and if everything goes well, your subconscious will be triggered to let your dream surface.

2) WRITE it down. It is a great practice to keep a journal by your bed that you can easily reach and write during the moments of inspiration or remembering. Trust me, more than likely you will forget what seemed so vivid just hours ago.

3) RECOGNIZE Once you have a list of several dreams, you may notice some reoccurring themes. These are critical to being aware of what’s really going on in your life.

4) REALITY CHECK Some dreams are so real that you might not be sure if you are awake or dreaming. I have had dreams of my complete morning schedule: shutting off alarm, getting up, showering, dressed and walking out the door; only to realize I had overslept. Those are the days I would rather just call out sick. I hate being late. Here are some reality checks you might employ if your dream has you confused:

Read something. Read something, look away and read it again. If you are dreaming the text will have changed. It will maybe not even be text at all but weird symbols.

Look at the time. Find a clock and tell the time. Then look away and look back again. If you are dreaming, the time will have changed.

Hold your nose. Simple and effective. Hold your nose and try breathing through your fingers. If you can breathe you are dreaming.

5) SIGNS Lucid dreaming leaves signs just like everything else. Once you begin trying to lucid dream, you may notice several unique signs including feeling paralyzed, senses of motion and/or false awakenings.

Our dreams can become very powerful tools for effective management of our lives and environments. Through them, we gain a better understanding of what’s really going on inside our minds and behind our faces. Lucid dreaming is the premiere usage of dreaming. Don’t get addicted or get weird and don’t dismiss its value.

Some great sites to interpret dreams you may be having:
Dream Dictionary

Dream Forth

Dream Central

Dream Interpretation

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Apocalypse of Tuesday

apocalypse faces

Image courtesy of the amazing art of Meats Meier: Artist and Animator.

Tuesday has been another busy day. That’s good in my book; the alternative is not so attractive. I would rather be busy than trying to look busy or fill my time by looking for things to do. When I hit a slow spot, I look forward to looking for things that will make me better as a person or better as a graphic artist. Sometimes that can be a very daunting task; there is so much information to be found and digested.

Nonetheless, there is that gnawing feeling in the background as I push through projects that a quantum leap is coming. Its that special moment that something is and something else no longer is; almost transportation to a level without the road being tred. It is these moments that become benchmarks of our existence and progression. Its almost as the needle on a record is lifted and placed at a different place without the knowledge or benevolence of the needle. The interesting part is that the groove on the record is already there. Hmmm…how?....why? whom? Would destiny have pushed us to that point anyway or is it such that makes the jumps happen?

Learning creates a hunger to lean more. The same thing is true of creation; perhaps God is just that way. Think of all the animals, insects, sea creatures, cells, microscopic entities, spiritual organisms…..what a wide variety of making things and designing how they function internally and with each other. That’s huge! What is it about creating things that makes, generates and perpetuates more of the very same? How does something become from nothing? What manufactures a thought into a physical form? Some argue that things are the figment of our imagination; but if you stump your toe in the dark, you certainly were not thinking about the painful chair being in your path. As I get older, I am less inclined to settle for BS….yeah you know what I’m talking about; things that everybody says are true or are just the way things are or its always been this way. Does that mean I have to touch the fire; no, but I can explore new things to do with it or ways to control it.

The human mind is infinitely amazing. One needs only to look around at not only the good technologies; but also the darkest cruelties to see the potential of creation and its effects beyond the mind into the physical world. Our thoughts and the invisible waves all have an effect/affect on us with or without our consent. Unlike Vampires, these invisibles are not restricted by our permissions. Our cravings for control are the very demonstration of our lack of such as we attempt to tame not only our world but its very building blocks. We love the idea of playing with God’s building blocks and marvel at what we can accomplish; but what can we make without His materials? Are we capable of making something from nothing that wasn’t here before? The questions and the answers are living liquids....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Odd; Its Probably Real!

Best new exciting way to save on your gas mileage....

Friday, February 26, 2010

12 Things I Learned from Thomas Jefferson

I came across this when I subscribed to the Tip Hero. It is so good I had to share. Sign up yourself and get plenty for yourself. Meanwhile… what I learned from Jefferson by way of Tip Hero

In 1811, Thomas Jefferson sat down and wrote out 12 thoughtful rules of conduct for his granddaughter, Cornelia, when she was twelve. As I read these rules I was surprised by how many of them pertained to personal finance and perhaps personal management, as well.

1. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

2. Never trouble another with what you can do yourself.

3. Never spend your money before you have it.

4. Never buy a thing you do not want, because it is cheap, it will be dear to you.

5. Take care of your cents: Dollars will take care of themselves!

6. Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold.

7. We never repent of having eat too little.

8. Nothing is troublesome that one does willingly.

9. How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened.

10. Take things always by their smooth handle.

11. Think as you please, and so let others, and you will have no disputes.

12. When annoyed count 10, before you speak, if very angry, count 100.

The founding fathers were full of great wisdom and quotes. Be sure to also check out these 30 Money Quotes from Poor Richard's Almanack published by Benjamin Franklin from 1732 - 1758.

Source: - Jefferson Encyclopedia
Submitted by: Ray @ Tip Hero 02/24/2010 7:32 PM

Well that was good for me. Since I don’t smoke, I guess I will have a handful of Haribro’s Gummy Bears (the supreme best in gummy bear manufacturing…yes, I tested the rest.) This goes great with some good ole TEXAS Blues. It’s smoking HOT, Cowdog Kelly! Your blues give me the yellows, (smiles, that is).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take Responsibility: Be Proactive

During the day of an amazing array of responsibilities, I listen to my iPOD hoping to do more with less or at least at the same time. Learning while I work makes me a captive audience; so why not improve myself too if I can. Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has a podcast that is just as good as the book; but maybe better. You can’t read and work at the same time.

The first habit: be proactive.
“Your behavior is a product of your own decisions based on values; not being a product of your conditions based on feelings. Proactive people carry their weather with in them; so they make the best of any situation.”

Proactives don’t blame other people. Seize the ability to choose your response and actions. What a novel idea. Not that any of this is earth-shattering news never before heard this side of glory; but we need to refresh ourselves often of good foundational information. Sometimes its easy to make excuses or throw up your hands and say se la vie, there’s nothing we can do or I guess that’s the way its supposed to be. Unfortunately, we ALWAYS have a choice. Our responsibility is to ACTIVATE that self action.

Proactives are sometimes labeled as those happy people or someone who doesn’t really face reality. Nothing could be farther from the truth. That is not to say there are not things that you should just leave or avoid. But often we find ourselves in situations that we blame others for and refuse to see our part or our acceptance when when could have refused to become hostage. I have often retorted that the world is made of victims and volunteers. You can only be a victim once; after that, you might be considered a volunteer. I cannot take credit for this wisdom; I heard it once in a great sermon along with, “What we fail at long enough, we will quit.” Great morsals of wisdom.

How do you swallow a horse pill?
Admit you’re a horse. Well it helps to have a liquid handy. Whether that’s a support system or chopping the pill into smaller chunks with a goal in mind; that’s up to you. Certainly most of us are faced with things which we have had years of habitual dedication; that is typically not changed overnight. However, it can be changed. If you want a summer body; don’t start working out when it gets warm; start when its cold…begin in the winter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I GAVE my Way to Getting: How I Got What I Wanted by Giving It Away

old mask

I heard a great quote:
“the only thing that can be lacking in any situation is that which you are not giving” …A Course in Miracles

We are truly blessed if we have valuable friends that continue to tell us the truth despite what we want to hear. If you don’t have those; perhaps you should start looking for them or become one. I heard this quote in one of my podcasts, “Beyond 50 Radio” podcast in an interview with Arlene Ford.

I feel like this is valuable information because we are all surrounded by lonely people everyday. It may even be ourselves. Aside from random acts of kindness, which actually feeds from this quote also, we have enormous potential to help each other daily. Do we really know what we want from life and other people? Are we really willing to admit to ourselves whom we are? What really matters to us? These and other inescapeable questions not only haunt us; but enrich us. Between being thankful and grateful and forgiving; we tend to get more of those things back from others. That includes beginning with ourselves.

To illustrate that point:
My wife and I agreed not to give Christmas presents to each other one year and instead take stuffed animals to a nursing home. It went great and I think we got as much or more from the act as those we thought we were helping. By accident, one person asked for an extra one to have to give to anyone they might encounter. A light went off. The next year, we decided to give the gift of giving. Instead of giving them one stuffed animal; we gave one and another as a gift to give away. You would have thought we were giving away money or gold! It was clear that these folks were glad to get a gift; but far more happy to be ABLE to GIVE to someone else! It truly was the gift of giving!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Being Better Than Yourself

Faulkner says:
Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.

Don’t you love your Bffs and all their great things that make them so special to you. Growing up with an inferiority complex, I always looked for people to admire or at least appreciate my oddnesses. As time went by, I got tired of looking. That’s when it hit me. Screw ‘em. We have always been here for me from the beginning. I don’t need somebody else to validate myself. Boy, did things change after that. Sure I met one of my best friends in 5th grade algebra over a comic book. And yes, our art competitions made each of us much better far faster. In the end, yourself is always with you; so here we are.

I have discovered that the less you seek, the more mystified the rest of the world is as to why you don’t need them. That’s insanely funny. In fact, its hard to drive them away with sticks. Go figure. I guess that’s why rich folks have people always giving them more and the broke dude can’t get a loan. Faulkner knows something about the human spirit that it may not want to acknowledge. Competition can bring out the best and worst in all of us; but we can really channel that energy into something that forges us ahead into unfamiliar territories and accmplishments. I don’t mind losing; so long as I deserve to….besides, its losing that makes you better, not winning.

3 Secret Reasons We Love Babies


What is it about babies and their effect on us?
Ever notice what happens to a room full of intelligent people when a baby enters. Suddenly old folks begin grinning. Women start smiling and talking in what they think is baby language and strong men melt at the slightest smile or eye contact. Even at funerals, the baby manages to invade on the solace of the moment, stirring some small gesture of a smile or memory of happier times.

1) Babies are cute! Well, most of them; if truth be told. We love the round, happy bundles of joy. Something about babies reminds us that everything was once perfect. After all, who remembers being a baby? Really? Nobody; but everyone is sure they once were one. Babies have little fingers, little toes, little noses and big cheeks. Who can resist…. Even more entertaining are all the little baby outfits inwhich women adorn them. Just more cute to be had.

2) Babies are helpless. There is nothing a baby can do to you. They are completely innocent. Babies can’t take over the world, lie to you, hurt you or even question your authority. Somewhere lurking in each and everyone of us is the need to protect or be god-like. With that said, we want to protect what is good and innocent for at least a little while. Babies remind us of our own helplessness even as adults. We miss the arms of protectors and a carefree existence from some great protector lurking to swoop in and save us from ourselves. Perhaps its just a simple matter of trust—babies don’t know any better. A babies smile is license to believe we are welcomed to protect its helpless state.

3) We are all narsacist! YES! I said it. We glare into babies eyes hoping that they can see our real spirits; hoping the baby can judge our intent rather than our actions. We hope that such innocence fresh from the other side will peer into our souls and smile. Of course, the baby is smiling because it knows how good I really am, the baby sees that I am special! I can tell you aren’t convinced yet; but you’re losing the logic battle now as you look back over the times a baby smiled at you. Babies don’t count as part of the cruel world we are forced to protect ourselves from. The baby wont give me a ticket or insist that I do something I don’t want to do…aside from messy diapers and silence. Even the chuckle of babies really reflect on ourselves. That sound of complete happiness we occasionally enjoyed we want back. The purity of the smile in those little eyes clean of the human stain are melodic.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Bendyland!

Given our current state of weather in Nashville, TN; there’s a limited set of preferences for the chilly faint of heart. Granted, I can appreciate the cold; but my soul is warm. These temperatures are best enjoyed from the comfort of one’s couch in front of a roaring fireplace with a cold drink, warm blanket and hot partner. A favorite movie doesn’t hurt either.

In my morning converse with ex-Tennesseans; inspiration struck like warm Starbucks coffee to shivering bones in the dead of winter. Bendyland is a place where these preferences are the preferred; where comfort and luxury are casual familiars and the comfortable couch is always warm and peacefully occupied. The leisure of the day is at your disposal. The heavy snowflakes fall outside your window, crying when they kiss the warm panes becoming only memories and expectations. Bendyland is a wonderful place for those who do enjoy the pleasures of life; the ones that are really hard to come by: peace, quietness, companionship and choice.

So Bendy, before you escape to that distant land, think of hot apple cider, candy canes and all those other incredible things that adults love about snow days too. Everything is possible in the land of milk and honey and Bendy.

The snow is white - so soft and bright
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Cold outside – snow piled up high
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
A big plush couch – I can be a slouch
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Reminds me of - the things I love
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
My crazy friends – can’t barge in
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Popcorns hot – my drink is not
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
The fire’s bright – everything’s just right
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.
Let the snow fall – cellphone’s off
Deep in the heart of Bendyland.

…pass the shrimp please…. A girl can dream!