Monday, November 02, 2009

Three Things YOUR BFF Said About You!

Nobody knows you better than your BFF. That's the value of someone who
has known you through highs and lows. Everybody loves a winner; but
BFFs are there before and after. That solidifies their value. We all
have moments we haven't been proud of or even regret. BFFs know three
really important things about us.

3) You wish everyone well. People are great and everybody is
very fortunate in some way. Everybody loves to volunteer during
Thanksgiving or Christmas at local missions. They feel better about
themselves for all the useless gifts they will spend wasted money on
and the over-eating they've already committed to because its the
holiday. Our human heart/mind is guilt-enslaved and holidays really
bring it out into the light. Nevermind the other 363-4 days that the
less fortunates suffer or that I ignored you. I have heard stories of
angry mission workers overwhelmed and irritated by the calls from
would-be volunteers that ONLY show up or whose numbers surge around
the holidays.

2) You love to help everybody. The other day at the gym, a
friend mentioned that someone who never spoke to him before struck up
a strange conversation. By question 3, the reason revealed itself. "Do
you have a truck?" That was it. I knew there was a good reason for
good behavior. Our presence is never that important until somebody
else needs it. He was torn between assisting and being insulted for
being ignored until now. Its easier to help strangers most times
because you will likely never see them again. That eliminates your
guilt and their entitlement and your requirement to change your
schedule. The ultimate question we are left pondering, "do they
deserve my help?" Aside from the legitimate few; you will typically
end up feeling used and abused or deserted when you need the same
favor. Much like encountering the person holding up the signs at the
intersection; you catch yourself trying to evaluate if they "deserve"
your help or mercy or are they just taking advantage of your
good-hearted benevelence.

1) Nobody matters more to you than you. Ignore points 3 and 2.
Only this final one really matters. Sure you wish them well...and
that's the extent of it. Wish allows you to participate from afar.
That makes it perfect; you don't want to break a sweat, a nail or your
routine. You love everybody the same as long as they stay out of the
way and away from you. Sure they're great; just don't tread on me. The
secret that we hide in our hearts is so private; between myself and I.
You know that, don't you? This is just between us. If you don't tell
them; they will never know. It's our little secret. In the end, its
all about you. If it adds no money, convience or good feelings to you,
you don't care. Go bother somebody else. Find another sucker. Chances
are your BFF knows this about you and, in agreement, you keep each
other's secrets.