Friday, September 11, 2009

To Be Better or Not to Be...

A ham sandwich without the meat is just two slices of bread.

We seem to be fixated on getting something for nothing these days. In our instant society, we are often offended by anything that takes longer than 3 seconds. Doubt me, pause 3 seconds after the green light changes at the next intersection. With all that is a prevailing instinct of entitlement that goes hand in hand with that fixation. We also seem to be fixated with giving our children better than we had. While that sounds harmless and admireable on the surface, don't be so comfortable. Are they better than you? Have war, famine and human calamity become extinct? I think not which typically means that sooner or later we all face some hard times/decisions. Guess what happens if we have no experience? We raise generations that have no concept of how to cook without microwaves, do math without a calculator or enjoy the spoils without the work. Sooner or later, reality comes a knockin' Who will answer?



Andrew Stanfield said...

The eternal question for raising kids: how much is too much? Eventually trying to do well by them could harm more than it helps.

Linda Russell said...

Love you honey.
Cute puppy