Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Monstrous Potential!


I ran across this blog by accident and it makes some fantastic points. Along with some fantastic art, the revelation is pure magic. Its from Designer and Illustrator Kevin Cornell of the UK. Ahoy mate! Here is an exerp:

But the public Kevin. He's a different guy. Polite. Accomodating. Empathetic. Just the sort of well-behaved individual he needs to be so that he can get along with others. That's how society works. We all trade in a little of our selfish, aggressive, and otherwise beastly characteristics so that we can have jobs, friends, families and significant others. And for the most part, everyone is like this... there's a public version. And a private version. More....

Isn't it odd that we think monsters are always exclusive to them OR us; not them AND us. Kevin's blog is so wise and his talent is beyond reproach. Kevin, you have made my day. Great monsters!


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Andrew Stanfield said...

There's always a public and a private version, isn't there? And it's usually a good thing they stay the way they are.