Friday, August 28, 2009

District 9: The Human Tradgedy Again

district 9

Well its no secret that I like SciFi and aliens and all that stuff. The previews to District 9 had me hooked for immediate viewing. I drug my wifey to the theater despite the Wilson County Fair for my own selfish wants. She snickered in the dark for the first 6 minutes as the screen was filled with a documentary style scenes of aliens in trash heaps running around like hungry children in any third world country commercial. She was convinced that it was another let down like some other unnamed SciFi flops. The scenes were very assaulting and I was concerned that I had been snookered again too. Was this some sad alien comedy or hollywood alien junk crap of a movie making mockery of a viable reality? I was very uneasy in my seat. I could hear my mind saying..."its that doggone preview trailer maker guy again; he's tricked me again."

10 minutes later, it was apparent that we had been submerged into a real socio-political world not so alien afterall. Throat-deep in plot, this very engaging documentary-style movie latches on with titanium cables and pulls you under. A huge hovering craft over a third world city, hundreds of slave alien beings needing to be integrated into our human society - I guess you could say they were illegal aliens; human resistance and fear of anything less than comfortable - trash, etc. is fine, just not in our backyard; and the less fortunate resorting to crime to merely survive with mounting hate on each side of the species spectrum - I would say we have a major plotline. I won't reveal any spoilers here; except to say we are so acustomed to sympathising as long as we don't actually have to get our hands dirty or we can check out of "their" situation and go back to "our" comforts at any time.

You may say there are no aliens. You might cry send them back. You might even have one standing right beside you, in your family or even more shockingly, unknowingly be one. Is it our capacity to love or to hate that makes us so severely "human."

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Love and hate, both distinctly human, and both sadly not too far apart.