Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Things I Know About You

Ok, I'm gonna rattle your brain today with a blog that has NOTHING to do with me; it's the ugly truth about YOU. Yes, you, I know who you are and what you think and what you're going to think next. How's that for Monday Upchuck! Look at you; you can't even stop reading for your own good.

Six Things I Know About You

1. You’re a genius. There’s at least one thing you’re better at than anyone one else. Why even pretend that you don't know what it is that you're best at doing. If you don’t know what that thing is, go find out. Look under your nose, denseduff.

2. You care. You want to do more with your life than just work and pay bills. You want to make a positive impact in the world; maybe even never forgotten by being famous. Live the dream, do something meaningful with your life, all that stuff; if only you knew where to start.

3. You’re lazy. You spend most of your time doing things that don't make a hill of beans difference but you would never admit it to yourself if you even cared — you just sit here reading this rediculous blog, dying to click on my next link! Sure go ahead.

4. You’re vacationing on the fence. You don’t know if you’re good enough to succeed at doing what you’re really good at, so you go on devoting less brain cells to the things that could really make a difference — to yourself and others. But you do need to pay those bills, and you may even have a family to support. You’re afraid it would take too much work and time to do both right. You're a chicken.

5. You’re a hypocrite. It’s OK, admit it. Tell the truth and shame the Devil. Everyone is. We can’t live up to our OWN standards, and that eats us up. Society loves to hate someone else's hypocrisy, so pay no attention to the man in the mirror.

6. You suck. There, I said it. Thanks to #3-5, you aren’t doing your best at whatever it is you’re great at. You’re probably using less than 50% of your potential, and you know it. You’re spend most of your cranium capacity on replaying self-doubts. The people who are successful at doing what you want to do must have more talent, brains and discipline. Give up now.

Are you shocked by my genius yet?

Or did I tell you six things about me after all?

Instead of ending this with a list of six random bloggers I know, I’m going to “tag” six superstars whose ideas I ripped off who inspired the above, and stated those points much better than I could. If you’re looking for solutions to the dilemma presented herein, go check them out.


Friday, August 28, 2009

District 9: The Human Tradgedy Again

district 9

Well its no secret that I like SciFi and aliens and all that stuff. The previews to District 9 had me hooked for immediate viewing. I drug my wifey to the theater despite the Wilson County Fair for my own selfish wants. She snickered in the dark for the first 6 minutes as the screen was filled with a documentary style scenes of aliens in trash heaps running around like hungry children in any third world country commercial. She was convinced that it was another let down like some other unnamed SciFi flops. The scenes were very assaulting and I was concerned that I had been snookered again too. Was this some sad alien comedy or hollywood alien junk crap of a movie making mockery of a viable reality? I was very uneasy in my seat. I could hear my mind saying..."its that doggone preview trailer maker guy again; he's tricked me again."

10 minutes later, it was apparent that we had been submerged into a real socio-political world not so alien afterall. Throat-deep in plot, this very engaging documentary-style movie latches on with titanium cables and pulls you under. A huge hovering craft over a third world city, hundreds of slave alien beings needing to be integrated into our human society - I guess you could say they were illegal aliens; human resistance and fear of anything less than comfortable - trash, etc. is fine, just not in our backyard; and the less fortunate resorting to crime to merely survive with mounting hate on each side of the species spectrum - I would say we have a major plotline. I won't reveal any spoilers here; except to say we are so acustomed to sympathising as long as we don't actually have to get our hands dirty or we can check out of "their" situation and go back to "our" comforts at any time.

You may say there are no aliens. You might cry send them back. You might even have one standing right beside you, in your family or even more shockingly, unknowingly be one. Is it our capacity to love or to hate that makes us so severely "human."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Era of Change

monsters in the dark

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. It is said that image is king! These sayings are embedded in an ugly truth crawling at the underbelly of every American idealism. The poet Shane Koyczan said that he doesn't keep change in his pocket; he keeps it in the tip of his pen, because sometimes the writing on the wall can use a little revision. It would be easy to notice despite all the headline chatter about change; we don't really want to commit to it. Critics cry It's too hard. Now isn't the time. This isnt the right way to do it. "

monsters in the dark

It would appear plain to me that if you knew a better way to do it; why havent you done it long before now.Will we always shoot down the vanguard of change. Will we forever as people throw eggs at what we arent comfortable digesting; hoping to chase it away with fear and hate til we appear more beautiful and intelligent in our own eyes. Pay no attention to the man in the mirror. Change is hard work and not for the weary at heart. It requires hard turns at uncomfortable g-forces and laser cuts deeper than the bones of comfortable lives. Can we not walk boldly into the dark shivering together in a unity stronger than our fears but far weaker than our hopes?

monsters in the dark