Friday, July 10, 2009

The worst of both bests: Fridaku!

we have two halves

Suddenly its Friday all of a sudden. Ive had the ole nose to the stone and just beginning to see the light of day. Wow, what a week its been...and the ball of mud just keeps spinning. There are so many things to marvel about in the world and reflect upon the perfect order of the universe and the disorderly chaos of man. The media really does have most of the power when defined by the actual medium of media and not necessarily the press.

All the social networks have changed the balance of power in the world as we know it. Genocide can be seen even under the most hulking of tyranies in issolation. Like most things, there are pros and cons. Its odd that the freedom of speech might be so enslaving to our characters. What does one do when he/she has been publicly humiliated under false pretenses. I am always amazed how scandal can stay in the media for days if not months; but the retraction only appears once on page 13 burried deeply below the obituaries (figuratively speaking of course); but you know what I mean.

Great men/women are capable of great things — they are also equally capable of far worse. The universe appears to favor balance. There are very few folks I can think of that were "completely" good or didnt have their virtues offset by some deep dark vise(s). Balance seems like a natural law of being right down to a molecular level. Thus one might say, to be "completely" good is down right "alien" to us....

And last but not least, the Fidaku!

Life Seasons
Good, Bad, we all share;
Sunshine, rainfall and between;
Life requires it all.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Nothing sells better than scandal, loss and bereavement. I bet the papers haven't had this good a run in quite a while. Sad but true. Welcome back, Maximus.