Friday, May 29, 2009

Then Comes the Crazy......

crazy she comes

I was chatting with my cohort this morning and the subject of Sarah Palin, Jim Baker, Jessica Hawn, Koby Bryant, Bill Clinton.....and the long string of public indescrections...... The conversation was not about temptation but something far more sinister. There are those who superseed temptation which self-vidgelence must be at omniplay. They are those who communicate in pure binary code with the secret cheat codes from the manufacturer. They are those so aware of the raw essence of a thing that they over-ride mental conscent, walk through and even go undetected by all the normal safeguards a person might put up or fortify themselves against. If the guard on the tower is instructed to watch out for the guy with horns, he may be easily allow to pass the baby hiding a gun. That is to say that some of life's ugly things are wrapped in beautiful packages. Land mines are shiny until they explode. Our culture demands it define the ideals and what beauty resembles. With shows like "What NOT to Wear," one might easily be confronted with not being up to speed. With realization comes the struggle to yeild or defend. Our first response is always one of "but this is who I am" or "its just my style." Either direction is admirable if it is arrived at through self reality vs someone else's perception or urgings. As one of my pastors often says, "if I talk you into it, somebody else will just come along and talk you out of it." Thus it is beyond public approval to take the road less traveled. One might argue that without our minds, we might be better off; but isn't Hulu taking care of that?

I use these extreme examples because the truth is just as extreme. If you are or have a defined enemy, you easily overlook the unimagineable standing right next to you. I am not sure we can afford to always play nice; especially when the enemy has no rules.... Should the US not torture? Should we really close Guantanimo? IF we let in the little things, what do they bring with them? What eggs have been lain in their bellies? We easily reply, "ah that was just a little.....was it really? If it was, would we be having this conversation now?

Ahh...beware the little foxes.......

Why are "we" always suprised when things turn crazy? Really, nothing is forever. Whom with any common sense would mix guns, alcohol and witnesses? Isnt it amazing the things that we think we need laws for/against? WHY cant enough be enough before it gets crazy? Are we all a little psycho waiting to happen?


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