Friday, May 01, 2009



In the end is always the essence of the beginning again. I often wonder how many times the world has been restarted. Perhaps the earth must "shave it beard" every couple of hundred thousand years. The end rarely is a good thing; nor does it typically come in terms of a peaceful resolution. The end doesnt drive up in a pretty pristene car but a broken down rusted ole jalopy; long from good care and laboring every last breath from the rotation of its tires. Typically we as humans hate change and resist it with all our might. Sometimes if we embrace change, changing back can be easier. I akin that to watching parents then one day seeing yourself like them or you in get my drift. Its always funny when you hear yourself and your mind clicks play to replay what you've heard them say for years. That is always followed by the thought, "you sound just like..." which is then followed by an uncomfortable grin. An apple can never hope to be a peach and grapes are restricted to vines without the opportunity to hang from trees. The universe has its natural order predestined by God or the "creator of your choice/reality."

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Andrew Stanfield said...

To change is to put an end to what came before. There's no option. So the question is, can we change our fate?