Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Odd Thursday Reflections

Its a sunny cloudy Thursday and its gonna be an odd one. I havent blogged in some time and not for any real reason other than most thoughts have been turned inside. There are a lot of things going on. My house was hit by the Murfreesboro tornado a month ago and Allstate insurance is telling me its good hands are closed or not that open. Mother's Day coming but she's not here; so its a day I can do without now. Car repairs, recession, brothers and sisters, and the continued improvement of what isnt all require more money. In the end, its all good. I'm a survivor regardless of how much I dont want to be. In the end, I come out on top no matter how much mud and crap I have to crawl through. Sometimes it seems like a cruel joke to keep surviving. Eagles tied too close to the ground but not willing to defy fate..... Its always unfortunate when the lightning doesnt strike you directly; save the trees, I'm standing still.


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