Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Bizarre!!!

I would be the first to ask, "why make art that only says one thing?" Why paint an image that can only be viewed from one perspective? Dare I declare ART is much more; much as life....much, much, more! In league with my pensive cohort...it has been an odd Tuesday and thus demands some tribute to its passing. Today I (we) look at the beauty of the bizarres....no more words will be required.


"THE SHIP OF FOOLS" by Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch is the genius Netherlander Painter, born in 1450. Bosch's paintings combined irreverent and grotesque images, fantasy, freaks, devils, and bizarre symbolism to depict corruption, indulgence, religious hypocrisy and human greed. "The Ship of Fools" c. 1500 (above), is based on German writer Sebastian Brant's work "Das Narrenschiff"- an allegorical poem about human folly of lazy, greedy, useless people on a ship going no where and led by no one.

sheep wagon

by Fred Einaudi

war erotic
A bizarre but fascinating blend of eroticism and war in the paintings of Hu Ming."


To say that Salvador Dali was an amazing Spanish artist and painter, actually means to say almost nothing. He was fantastic, he was charming, he was magnificent. He belongs to one of the brightest surrealists ever.

fishy art



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Andrew Stanfield said...

Incredible stuff. I have to wonder, though...where's yours?