Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The View from Above

You would be amazed but more likely disgused by what you see when no one thinks you are looking. The recent Dominos prank created by two kids who were "not serious" are receiving a VERY serious response from the company. WHY?, the nonchalant might ask. Its about brand trust, its about freedom of speech in a digital age where the fences are made of toilet paper. In the era of youtube, myspace, google and facebook, power of the people has never been more easily available or misuseable. At what point does ones opinion on a personal blog become a public deframation or obsenity?

When lines are drawn, there's always another drawn two feet from it. It is human to just want to rebel or go one step farther? I dont know. I do know there is always a point of too far; often not discovered until you arrive at that location. Unfortuantely with no lines, we all become mud-covered. At first that seems ok until you realize it corrupts everything around you. Beautiful white curtains dont blow in the wind when they're drenched in mud.

However do big companies have the same right to get bailed out AND turn around and raise your credit card interest rates or banking fees or electricity rates?? Really?

I heard an interesting debate about handguns in public restaurants/establishments. Part of the pro argument was that criminals dont follow the law; so law abiding citizens would have the right to defend themselves in the event of an emergency. Add a little or a lot; but lets also throw alcohol into the mix....see a pattern developing.

If I can sue for coffee being hot; eventually I can sue for alcohol being too strong, for dresses being too short, for air being too polluted, for stuffed animals named after religious figures etc. The line in the sand keeps moving......

I guess you can argue anything from the right perspective. When you look at it from above, idealism is pretty nice. When someone has your family, child, partner, mate, reputation or career hostage; those "ideals" get a free suspension from counting. Its for "those" people; not me. Funny how that works; but it keeps working. You might notice that wars are rarely fought by the person who declares them..... I'm just sayin'....


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Bizarre!!!

I would be the first to ask, "why make art that only says one thing?" Why paint an image that can only be viewed from one perspective? Dare I declare ART is much more; much as life....much, much, more! In league with my pensive cohort...it has been an odd Tuesday and thus demands some tribute to its passing. Today I (we) look at the beauty of the bizarres....no more words will be required.


"THE SHIP OF FOOLS" by Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch is the genius Netherlander Painter, born in 1450. Bosch's paintings combined irreverent and grotesque images, fantasy, freaks, devils, and bizarre symbolism to depict corruption, indulgence, religious hypocrisy and human greed. "The Ship of Fools" c. 1500 (above), is based on German writer Sebastian Brant's work "Das Narrenschiff"- an allegorical poem about human folly of lazy, greedy, useless people on a ship going no where and led by no one.

sheep wagon

by Fred Einaudi

war erotic
A bizarre but fascinating blend of eroticism and war in the paintings of Hu Ming."


To say that Salvador Dali was an amazing Spanish artist and painter, actually means to say almost nothing. He was fantastic, he was charming, he was magnificent. He belongs to one of the brightest surrealists ever.

fishy art



Thursday, April 02, 2009

Next in line...

we dont care

If you have ever been to the local gas station at lunch time and there's a line. Typically there is someone ahead that's telling their life story to an audience that really doesn't care. It's like piped in music or being forced to listen to someone's cellphone conversation who is standing in line with you but somewhere else. (that's some major annoying; but that's another blog) Anyway, there's that feeling of relief when you realize or its obvious that you are next in line. We love being next in line!

I have five brothers and sisters and chances are that you do too. I had the privlidge of being the oldest. The reason I make that point is often in middle or low income families, things get passed down to whomever is next in line. I was looking at my father. He had three brothers and one sister. The issue: the older before him passed. The resulting thought spinoff: I guess I "theoretically" first to grave. I'm first in line; can't change the order of that. I think of those
standing in line behind me. In hopes of leaving a good example of "being in line," one's mind is forced to ponder.

follow me

Am I excited about being next in line to the coffin?
What freaks folks out about death? the fear/question of what's next?
Am I terrified of the unknown or the next episode?
Shall we go quietly into the night/dawn or shall be fall kicking and screaming, trying to stop the inevitable?

I watched my father at his big brother's funeral wondering what he was wondering. Yes, the sadness, but then there was more behind his eyes, behind his stares, behind his silence. I feel like the realization of the coming or the its my turn next realization. I could only image the years of memories that play back through ones mind trying to bet back to the present, littered with smiles and sobs. Isn't life the short narrow corridor to the great room after the doorfacing of death?