Monday, March 02, 2009

Suffocating Inside

It would seem strange that the older we become the more we become child-like. IT is unfortunate that most of our dreams and childlike innocences have been trapped below, somewhere deep inside us like suffocating dreams that are pale as a new moon. Those dreams havent seen the light of day since our teen years were forced from us. Time, reality and responsibility hold us captive til we are forced again to return to a child-state but far less illusioned. The child typically returning at an older age is far more bitter.

It is for that reason I am encouraged and thrilled to see some HAPPY OLD PEOPLE. They do exist and since they do; I at least have a shot or an example to hope for when the inner me gets out again. The child has the keys to magic; even if the adult refuses to turn the lock. We are blinded by the lessons of time and life; the child doesnt know any better. There's no room in the real world for big babies....only grumpy old humans once something else.


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