Friday, March 20, 2009

Stolen Glances

stolen glance

IF I stole a glance, would my eyes have missed a vision or gained a sight? The question seems simple on the surface like an earthworm or snail crawling over the sharp edge of shattered glass effortlessly. Speaking of which; I would love to be able to overlook offenses just as easily, which we all know is a bit more difficult doing than saying, like most things. A glance is a brief or cursory look and/or a quick look at a person, place, event or thing. What's really stolen versus given away? We communicate so much even with so little. In the instant of a blink or wink; we can speak volumes to ourselves, about
ourselves or others. We do it without even being aware or even intending to sometimes. Some have made a science and/or career of it, reading expressions.

One of our new shows, Lie To Me. which is on FOX of course, has some very startling observations that are satiricly lain over current and past events to validate the ficticious storylines. This team of folks basicly read "micro-expressions" which are apparently universal regardless of age, sex, race or demographic identities. It is as fascinating as alarming. One might even question the cat being let out of the bag or the wisdom in opening Pandora'sbox.

look into my eyes

As with most things, the more you reveal about it, the more it reveals about you. If you peer into the heart of a thing, it most likely looks back. Your eyes can keep secrets from you. Dark secrets always return in the form of Light explosions. The transition from dark to light is always violent; mostly because it involves war either way. Water converted to steam is not a peaceful surrender; it is by an element of no return, a line drawn in the sand, if you will....too hot or cold to remain the same. People are no different. Our transitions between states are typically by force; by a war won or lost, though we might claim volition.

Thus I return to my original questions:
IF I stole a glance, would my eyes have missed a vision or gained a sight?
What's really stolen versus given away?
Is a stolen glance taking from the viewer or the viewed?

They say the eyes don't lie; but those words are spoken by the
tongue, not the eye....



Andrew Stanfield said...

My mind is suffering from sensory overload- an awful lot to think about after reading this blog. I'll have to let things digest until Monday. It is a bit of both, though, isn't it? When something is taken, one person has lost that something while someone else has acquired it.

Spencers Mom said...

Spencer and I love this show ! Lord knows we have had alot of "lies to us" haha.

This is a great post and very deep !!

Miss you guys !!