Monday, March 23, 2009

The Knowing of Knowing....

Here below the first preview clip of knowing, directed Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne:

Nicolas Cage - Knowing Movie

I saw a good movie with my BFF this weekend. Knowing with Nicholas Cage was a bit more than I bargained for. Thank goodness it exceeded my expectations and then some. But thats not what this blog is about. Its more about the gifts we receive as mortals from somewhere else and why we think that entitles us to certain privilidges.

In this case, we will explore the gift of prophesy. If we could know the future; does that entitle us the right to be able to change it? Or do we just get to know for the sake of knowing and the concilliation that something/one is willing to communicate with us? Why do we always assume that we were chosen to change what we are allowed to see/know? There are several TV shows that walk along the lines of having this special knowledge and the added twists from trying to alter what is supposed to happen; etc. The Sarah Connor Chronicles,Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Life on Mars and Eli Stone, just to name a few. We won't even mention the noteables from history that are still talked about today for their predictions and ideas. Hence; if we can see it but not change it, is it really a gift or a cruel curse like the taunting of a pet outside the glass of a butcher's glass?

We are enraptured with these knowledges and the communion with the "something else." In fact, recently even the Roman Catholic Church has come out and pronounced that the existence of aliens doesn't negate the story of the Christ. Now that's an odd statement to be making....

Of course, who could truely ignore the book of Revelations! Are our
"gifts" only defined by our comforts or controls? Are gifts only good
if we like them? Does our lack of gratitude employ the universe to
pass them to someone else more grateful?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

There's a good poem called 'Cassandra' by Robinson's about a gal who is given a gift and a curse side by side, the ability to prophesy with the addendum that no one ever believes her. Which is curse, I wonder?