Friday, February 20, 2009

Walk The Line

Walk The Line, Johnny Cash

I have always loved this poster since the first time I saw it. The design is great, the colors are perfect and it has a unified balance that goes without saying. I met the man in black once as a kid; I was touched by his politeness. Walk the Line; what a movie, crammed with some real soul-stalking songs.

What a great song! It reminds me of Randy Travis, "On the Other Hand" a little. What is the mystical power that draws the moth to the flame? Would the light not be the light without what it does? Could the moth remain as such if it couldnt be drawn to the flame? As sure as the flames destroy; do they not also liberate? Does the light also blight out our sight? Too many moths put out the flame; you can think about that any way you choose. The divorce rate will back that one up.

For the few and the proud, there's a war going on every day. Its at its worst when the clammor of armor and stench of blood are not present; when no danger is apparent and the sun is strong in the sky while the birds frolic carefree overhead. There really are very few "downtimes" public or private; awake or asleep. If you walk the line, will its edge eventaully slice you in half? Will what draws you also kill you?

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