Monday, February 16, 2009

Failure Required: How Long?


"You can tell a man is clever by his answers. You can tell he is wise by his questions." --Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian Nobel Laureate

Its a chilly Monday in breezy Nashville. The BatTower casts a cold shadow on my window. The only thing more chilling is the nirvana digging through my cortex by way of my ears. With iPOD well engaged, I listen to a podcast that is well worth your attention. I found it quite by accident, as usual; but there are really no accidents. Today's podcast Cultivate Life! that I am listening to is about asking questions and seeking to understand instead of insisting being understood. Today I am curious about the wisdom and value of failure. I saw another one of those infomercials that I thought about trying but logic and probably fear talked me out of it....besides I've tried a million. I admit that most schemes DO work for other people; they do NOT typically work for me. It is odd that we always issolate ourselves into being something different when in actuality we are all quite the same. Questions expand our thinking, living and understanding of ourselves and our world; maybe that is what scares us so much about them.

We must not pretend to be anyone else but ourselves. Abandon ego but never your integrity. Ego is about what others think; intergrity is about faithfulness to oneself and ability. Failure is the opportunity to begin again.
Cultivate Life!

Feed your mind and become a fathead!

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Andrew Stanfield said...

An incredible blog, and the last sentence stays with you. It's amazing what comes out of your cranium ink.