Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eating Lunch Dead

funeral cars

some things dont mix; but they do go together...

Well its been a busy Tuesday inside with razorblade wind outside. I took my lunch not knowing in advance where I might end up. Not that thats unusual; I'm just saying. I ended up at one of my favorite places that lives up to its name. No, I'm not a health food nut; so don't get to getting any ideas. I went to Hardees! Tis true: "The last place you would go for a burger is now the only place you'd go!" (shameless plug) I had a double thickburger with NO onions, fries and a lemonade (no not diet). I am always impressed when the bag leaves the drive thru window persons hand and my hand drops from the weight of the bag. Today was no different. Hardees does such a fantastic job of wrapping their beautiful meat...its car friendly from open the container...half wrapped with the bottom sealed; perfect for lifting with one hand (depending on the size of the hand) while driving. My mouth was already salivating at the order station. Now it was only worse as I sank my teeth down into those double patties, lettuce and tomato. I felt the ketchup draw a line at the close of my lips. Mmmmmmmm. I was coasting along moaning with pleasure as I looked over at the car beside me to make sure I hadnt forgotten to stay in my lane. The guy in the hearst nodded at my enjoyment from the massive burger.

That caused a short pause as I grinned while continuing to chew. A hearst??? Really? He was eating too; but the irony or oddity struck me. He's eating in a hearst!!! But why wouldnt he? He must have a lunch break too. I wonder if he's like some police; he gets his food free? I was slightly confused. Remembering the habit of stopping to let funeral parties pass, I didnt know whether to keep chewing or stop. I glanced again as he took a drink from a strawed cup and laughed at myself. I knew this would be a blog later. We have some respectful customs when it comes to the dead and the vehicles/items that surround that topic.

I typically see a funeral go by the office at least 3 times a day. Once I asked the coworkers if it was disrespectful NOT to get out and also stop your spinners when a funeral goes by. I see the homeless stop and watch the line of cars with some respect of the dead by taking off a hat or halting a slow mid-street crossing. So if everything should stop; is it the only time some of us get any respect? Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame; hopefully its not your last fifteen. Since I love CSI, I notice they often have somone's chest opened up while reaching for lunch. Maybe its just what were used to or acclimated to seeing that it just becomes the familiar...not spooky or sad; just numb. It never fails we are having pizza when CSI or ER comes on and my wifey whinces. I guess its probably wrong that it makes me laugh or try to get her to look back before the scene changes...afterall; isnt that reality. We are only smooth and covered when we choose. Accidents and mortality remind us we arent nearly as dignified as we would pretend.

Salu hearst man; enjoy your lunch.

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Weird. We can become acclimated to anything and we'll all die, but it still seems strange to me to be chowing down on sandwich while looking at a formerly-living being's insides...or after having driven them to their final destination. Perception, maybe, is all.