Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Devils Gothic

There are upsides to a pitchfork!
pitchfork stories

Down through time, pitchforks have become a symbol of american hard work, country icons, living off the land, living in BFE, art images and the end result of disagreements. Typically constructed of a handle and an iron forked tip of several prongs, these handy devices have helped separate the wheat from the chafe.

on the business end

Chances are that if someone is directing a pitchfork at you; indications are pretty severe! I have rarely seen an incident that both parties weren't clued in on what the pitchfork was for or why it was being employed. Needless to say, when on the non-business end; run first, ask questions later .... from a safe distance. If you have actually used one, then you know how effective this great tool can be to accomplishing its task. Speaking of an efficeint tool...I wonder if thats why the Devil carries one?


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