Friday, January 30, 2009

The ZOMBIES Inside Us

The story of them has lasted for some many decades. Zombies are a part of our pop culture. Everybody knows about zombies but just in case:
zombie or zombi

Noun: pl -bies or -bis
1. a person who appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgment
2. a corpse brought to life by witchcraft [W African zumbi good-luck fetish]

We tend to be fascinated by legends and tales of the supernatural/horror. Its no wonder that some of the most talked about people in history, more infamous than famous, are those whose thinking we cannot fathom. What thinking person could inflict so much pain and destruction on another living being with such disregard? None but the monsters!

So why do we love zombies?
1. They're dead--so it cant get any worse. I couldnt possibly hurt anymore.
2. They're alive; well sorta. They seem to need to feed on "living" human brains. So you get to be the worst of yourself but still have the freedom of movement...not to mention maintain a healthy appetite without fear of weight gain.
3. They only have a single focused purpose...keep looking for more brains to eat. How much simplier could life get? No bills, no kids, no responsibilities, no beauty queens sneering at your thighs, no men always after you, modesty irrelevant including showers and deodorant or dental hygine. The moralities go out the window -- you're already dead!

Perhaps death is the last freedom. Perhaps death is the last enslavement. Either way, zombies get the best of both worlds. I suspect our subconsciences realize that odd observation. In a world without consequence; there would be no monsters; just people.... We all want to be zombies; we just refuse to die first.


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