Thursday, January 08, 2009

Woman's Man's Name for Girls

I have worked in many situations but few as educational or entertaining as being surrounded by women. As one of 5 men in 250, it doesnt take long to learn way more than you need to know. There are some STRONG differences between men and women when it comes to biology and information. I am always amazed how a group of women can all end up on the same cycle after being around each other. Thats not a male problem (well, not immediately). Men dont need to go to the bathroom together or even care that you went. Men dont need to care or feel the requirement to share. We tend to just like the facts — who needs an essay when yes says everything you wanted to communicate.

Anywho, you may not be aware of it and I wasnt the first time I heard it. There's this guy FRED who shows up with some announcement and processional wearing little pointy shoes that curl at the toes into funny elfish half circles and a long narrow horn that he proudly toots. Allegedly he visists every month. I heard the announcement many times and would always turn to look when I heard them announcing FRED. As one of five, none of us were named FRED. I knew most of the vendors and FRED there either. So how is it "they" all knew FRED and talked so intensely of him? So I asked. Yeah that day stands out in a hall of memories. You could've heard a pin drop before the roar of girl snickles.

FRED!!!! You name your cycles FRED!!??? Thats a man's name, a retail outlet, etc. Why FRED; what did FRED ever do for or to you? Women are funny.
Isn't it odd you would name something ONLY female a male name. I could at least understand the name ADAM....


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