Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Perfection of The Irregular

It has taken me almost 40+ years to comprehend and even at that, I'm not sure I like the revelation.
The reason we dont have perfection is because WE dont like to be bored.
Even more terrifying is that we are formed in the images of something far greater
that has the same distaste for the dissimilar. Look at all the different people
around you and then add in all their different ways and circumstances.
Thats gotta be a whole lotta load of irregularity for somebody to be often
very amused. So why should we be so alarmed to discover the person
next to us isnt anything like us at all or maybe terrifyingly similar?
Perhaps some might even say we are ...A Series of Atmospheres...";
all uniquely different and uniquely the same. Only pensiveness remains when
logic exhausts the solutions.


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