Monday, January 12, 2009

Ironyman Strikes Again!

car breakin

Well, as a precious few of you may know, I was struck by misfortune recently. My car had its windows smashed at my office parking lot. I was one of three vehicles vandalized. The bright side of it all is that mine had an alarm that went off and prevented more break-ins right at the lunch hour. The bad side is that mine was the last one he got to before being wrestled to the ground. As a creature of habit, I pretty much do things like I always do and occassionally change up just to mess with folks who think they know me.

Here's the irony in all its glory! I typically park in an unfenced open parking lot and walk over to the office. This particular morning I was EARLY and it wasnt open yet so I parked in the FENCED parking lot. In theory, you would think someone LESS likely to go inside a fenced area directly behind the building to break in at lunch time. In addition, true genius wouldn't wait til lunch time to break in since people might be coming out then.

Never underestimate the value of duct tape. NOW I will always carry duct tape ALONG with a camera in my vehicle. Don't get wrapped up in stupid; duct tape isnt magic but its powerful strong!!!

duct tape cuffs


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