Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Excited and Bottle IT! Snowballs of truth.

in your face

Its Wednesday and the snow is beautiful here in the capital of Country Music. Its so hypnotic to watch the huge flakes leak from the cool grey sky. The flakes smash into the ground and windows and disappear into water streaming toward gravity's proclivities. Sometimes I wonder if were in one of those snow globes and something we cant image is watching and shaking us up for amusement. The thing about snowglobes is that the main part is glued in place and seems very solid amidst the shaking that makes the snow storm begin. But if we are so sure we're anchored to the bottom of the globe securely, why do we freak out when the storm comes? Why do we doubt the passing of the storm? Why do we think the world is coming to an immediate end? Its just the snow globe. The snow passes settles. Why cant we just be excited at a temporary agitation?

snow globes


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Andrew Stanfield said...

It was exciting, even though it only lasted an hour and a half. The human condition is what it is...we always want more.