Friday, January 30, 2009

The ZOMBIES Inside Us

The story of them has lasted for some many decades. Zombies are a part of our pop culture. Everybody knows about zombies but just in case:
zombie or zombi

Noun: pl -bies or -bis
1. a person who appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgment
2. a corpse brought to life by witchcraft [W African zumbi good-luck fetish]

We tend to be fascinated by legends and tales of the supernatural/horror. Its no wonder that some of the most talked about people in history, more infamous than famous, are those whose thinking we cannot fathom. What thinking person could inflict so much pain and destruction on another living being with such disregard? None but the monsters!

So why do we love zombies?
1. They're dead--so it cant get any worse. I couldnt possibly hurt anymore.
2. They're alive; well sorta. They seem to need to feed on "living" human brains. So you get to be the worst of yourself but still have the freedom of movement...not to mention maintain a healthy appetite without fear of weight gain.
3. They only have a single focused purpose...keep looking for more brains to eat. How much simplier could life get? No bills, no kids, no responsibilities, no beauty queens sneering at your thighs, no men always after you, modesty irrelevant including showers and deodorant or dental hygine. The moralities go out the window -- you're already dead!

Perhaps death is the last freedom. Perhaps death is the last enslavement. Either way, zombies get the best of both worlds. I suspect our subconsciences realize that odd observation. In a world without consequence; there would be no monsters; just people.... We all want to be zombies; we just refuse to die first.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Excited and Bottle IT! Snowballs of truth.

in your face

Its Wednesday and the snow is beautiful here in the capital of Country Music. Its so hypnotic to watch the huge flakes leak from the cool grey sky. The flakes smash into the ground and windows and disappear into water streaming toward gravity's proclivities. Sometimes I wonder if were in one of those snow globes and something we cant image is watching and shaking us up for amusement. The thing about snowglobes is that the main part is glued in place and seems very solid amidst the shaking that makes the snow storm begin. But if we are so sure we're anchored to the bottom of the globe securely, why do we freak out when the storm comes? Why do we doubt the passing of the storm? Why do we think the world is coming to an immediate end? Its just the snow globe. The snow passes settles. Why cant we just be excited at a temporary agitation?

snow globes


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isnt ONLY english still confusing?

click to enlarge

We seem pretty focused on some official law that declares ENGLISH ONLY in TN. They
say that will just make everything simplier and less confusing. Others say, if you're here;
then you should learn the language. This one will appear to last as long as the abortion debate....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Perfection of The Irregular

It has taken me almost 40+ years to comprehend and even at that, I'm not sure I like the revelation.
The reason we dont have perfection is because WE dont like to be bored.
Even more terrifying is that we are formed in the images of something far greater
that has the same distaste for the dissimilar. Look at all the different people
around you and then add in all their different ways and circumstances.
Thats gotta be a whole lotta load of irregularity for somebody to be often
very amused. So why should we be so alarmed to discover the person
next to us isnt anything like us at all or maybe terrifyingly similar?
Perhaps some might even say we are ...A Series of Atmospheres...";
all uniquely different and uniquely the same. Only pensiveness remains when
logic exhausts the solutions.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Ironyman Strikes Again!

car breakin

Well, as a precious few of you may know, I was struck by misfortune recently. My car had its windows smashed at my office parking lot. I was one of three vehicles vandalized. The bright side of it all is that mine had an alarm that went off and prevented more break-ins right at the lunch hour. The bad side is that mine was the last one he got to before being wrestled to the ground. As a creature of habit, I pretty much do things like I always do and occassionally change up just to mess with folks who think they know me.

Here's the irony in all its glory! I typically park in an unfenced open parking lot and walk over to the office. This particular morning I was EARLY and it wasnt open yet so I parked in the FENCED parking lot. In theory, you would think someone LESS likely to go inside a fenced area directly behind the building to break in at lunch time. In addition, true genius wouldn't wait til lunch time to break in since people might be coming out then.

Never underestimate the value of duct tape. NOW I will always carry duct tape ALONG with a camera in my vehicle. Don't get wrapped up in stupid; duct tape isnt magic but its powerful strong!!!

duct tape cuffs


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Woman's Man's Name for Girls

I have worked in many situations but few as educational or entertaining as being surrounded by women. As one of 5 men in 250, it doesnt take long to learn way more than you need to know. There are some STRONG differences between men and women when it comes to biology and information. I am always amazed how a group of women can all end up on the same cycle after being around each other. Thats not a male problem (well, not immediately). Men dont need to go to the bathroom together or even care that you went. Men dont need to care or feel the requirement to share. We tend to just like the facts — who needs an essay when yes says everything you wanted to communicate.

Anywho, you may not be aware of it and I wasnt the first time I heard it. There's this guy FRED who shows up with some announcement and processional wearing little pointy shoes that curl at the toes into funny elfish half circles and a long narrow horn that he proudly toots. Allegedly he visists every month. I heard the announcement many times and would always turn to look when I heard them announcing FRED. As one of five, none of us were named FRED. I knew most of the vendors and FRED there either. So how is it "they" all knew FRED and talked so intensely of him? So I asked. Yeah that day stands out in a hall of memories. You could've heard a pin drop before the roar of girl snickles.

FRED!!!! You name your cycles FRED!!??? Thats a man's name, a retail outlet, etc. Why FRED; what did FRED ever do for or to you? Women are funny.
Isn't it odd you would name something ONLY female a male name. I could at least understand the name ADAM....