Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis the Season: Holiday Reloaded!

It is the time of year when retailers sink or swim, love is expressed or regretted and affection is only as strong as the owner’s dollar can bear. Once sacred, commercialism has robbed a noble holiday of its purity. But what is purity? Maybe Christmas isn’t so pure after all and its diminishing sacredity is no more than a hint of its true sour origins. Is it more pagan than Christian or is it like so many other things— whitewashed beyond recognition and steeped in political correctness.

But what of the good tidings and peace on earth wishes…. Remember when you were a child and your mother told you to say thank you with the person standing there watching and listening to you being told to say thank you. Did it feel empty then? Was it more embarrassing than grateful? Did it have any meaning when forced? Are we by nature ungrateful? Clearly wars are not on the decrease and the violence and corruption of man are not waning; but waxing!

The upside of Christmas or Americanism: At least with an official holiday, we can be prompted to pause and be grateful. Without such prompting, we would be buried in our to-do lists and agendas and running without being chased. The rat-race would have claimed more victims and life would be grim without some good cheer to be spread. Perhaps the holidays save us from being our self-absorbed selves even if its for selfish reasons we are generous.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Three Things YOUR BFF Said About You!

Nobody knows you better than your BFF. That's the value of someone who
has known you through highs and lows. Everybody loves a winner; but
BFFs are there before and after. That solidifies their value. We all
have moments we haven't been proud of or even regret. BFFs know three
really important things about us.

3) You wish everyone well. People are great and everybody is
very fortunate in some way. Everybody loves to volunteer during
Thanksgiving or Christmas at local missions. They feel better about
themselves for all the useless gifts they will spend wasted money on
and the over-eating they've already committed to because its the
holiday. Our human heart/mind is guilt-enslaved and holidays really
bring it out into the light. Nevermind the other 363-4 days that the
less fortunates suffer or that I ignored you. I have heard stories of
angry mission workers overwhelmed and irritated by the calls from
would-be volunteers that ONLY show up or whose numbers surge around
the holidays.

2) You love to help everybody. The other day at the gym, a
friend mentioned that someone who never spoke to him before struck up
a strange conversation. By question 3, the reason revealed itself. "Do
you have a truck?" That was it. I knew there was a good reason for
good behavior. Our presence is never that important until somebody
else needs it. He was torn between assisting and being insulted for
being ignored until now. Its easier to help strangers most times
because you will likely never see them again. That eliminates your
guilt and their entitlement and your requirement to change your
schedule. The ultimate question we are left pondering, "do they
deserve my help?" Aside from the legitimate few; you will typically
end up feeling used and abused or deserted when you need the same
favor. Much like encountering the person holding up the signs at the
intersection; you catch yourself trying to evaluate if they "deserve"
your help or mercy or are they just taking advantage of your
good-hearted benevelence.

1) Nobody matters more to you than you. Ignore points 3 and 2.
Only this final one really matters. Sure you wish them well...and
that's the extent of it. Wish allows you to participate from afar.
That makes it perfect; you don't want to break a sweat, a nail or your
routine. You love everybody the same as long as they stay out of the
way and away from you. Sure they're great; just don't tread on me. The
secret that we hide in our hearts is so private; between myself and I.
You know that, don't you? This is just between us. If you don't tell
them; they will never know. It's our little secret. In the end, its
all about you. If it adds no money, convience or good feelings to you,
you don't care. Go bother somebody else. Find another sucker. Chances
are your BFF knows this about you and, in agreement, you keep each
other's secrets.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Lost and Found in the Dark

What do we like about the dark? What about it scares us? Why would we be lost without it?

We all have an image of ourselves that we choose to believe is our identity; that part of us that is uniquely who we are as opposed to anyone else. It makes us who we are, like a psychological, ethical fingerprint. In the dark, people are rarely the same as they were in the light. WHY? Perhaps their insecurities, fears and hopes are hidden. The disturbing heart of darkness is its power to reveal as much as conceal. Darkness might be the best mirror of what we don't see or don't want shown.

Even as children, many of us were afraid of the dark. The noises and emotions that random happenings create because of the lack of interaction of all the human senses tend to dominate our minds. On the other hand, the fact is that more fear comes from the forced usage of any other senses without sight. I wonder if Judas kissed Jesus with his eyes closed? I've been in the ocean dogpaddlingwhen something brushed my calf from below. Not being able increased the level of fear! Not to mention not being able to swim. On another occassion, I swam/floated through an underwater tunnel for 300 yards mostly in the dark. I can still remember listening to the loud sound of my own breathing. I can still feel the vibration of my heartbeat in the water as my eyes fixed on the tiny hole of light at the end of my journey. In Redemption Road, a kid puts a large rubber snake in his father's bed, under the foot of the covers. His reaction is immediate when his toes make contact. Even when we are in a surrounding we consider safe, darkness still catches us offguard. Maybe mirrors shouldnt be shiny; but dark.

So which of us is us: the one in the dark or the one in the light? Can one exist without the other?


Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank God for the Rain!

It seems not so long ago when we were all complaining that we weren't getting enough rain. Clearly so many irritated prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, there have been hundreds of new prayers crying for the rain to stop.... Are we ever happy with just what we have?

I think Shyeryl Crow said it best:
It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

...see the video

So we can be sure that a long drought is in the future. Depending on how many prayers we sent up, it could be a very long drought. Imagine being in a Garden of Eden with EVERYTHING and never having to work or sweat and blowing it over an apple and a snake. You wouldn't have done that, would you? Would you ruin paradise for a false promise?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fourth Kind

Some things are better left suspected. If we ever really knew, would it be too boring and would thousands of tonues cease to quiver?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wal-Mart Always!

Well a friend sent me a sight that was sad and funny. Of course, I pass it on to you. You will laugh too unless you see your picture. Some things can't be explained. You just gotta see 'em to believe 'em!

People of Walmart was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to Walmart.

Let’s face it; we all have seen the people who obviously don’t have mirrors and/or family and friends to lock them in a basement, and they all seem to congregate at Walmart. It’s not everywhere that you can shop for milk at 10 a.m. next to a 400lb mother of 6 wearing a pink tube top, leopard tights, and hooker heels. Where else can one go to pick up underwear at 3 O’clock in the afternoon and spot the greatest mullet of all time paired with a mustard stained wife beater (which only accents the extreme amount of body hair) and camo pants that were actually used in Vietnam.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Monstrous Potential!


I ran across this blog by accident and it makes some fantastic points. Along with some fantastic art, the revelation is pure magic. Its from Designer and Illustrator Kevin Cornell of the UK. Ahoy mate! Here is an exerp:

But the public Kevin. He's a different guy. Polite. Accomodating. Empathetic. Just the sort of well-behaved individual he needs to be so that he can get along with others. That's how society works. We all trade in a little of our selfish, aggressive, and otherwise beastly characteristics so that we can have jobs, friends, families and significant others. And for the most part, everyone is like this... there's a public version. And a private version. More....

Isn't it odd that we think monsters are always exclusive to them OR us; not them AND us. Kevin's blog is so wise and his talent is beyond reproach. Kevin, you have made my day. Great monsters!


Friday, September 11, 2009

To Be Better or Not to Be...

A ham sandwich without the meat is just two slices of bread.

We seem to be fixated on getting something for nothing these days. In our instant society, we are often offended by anything that takes longer than 3 seconds. Doubt me, pause 3 seconds after the green light changes at the next intersection. With all that is a prevailing instinct of entitlement that goes hand in hand with that fixation. We also seem to be fixated with giving our children better than we had. While that sounds harmless and admireable on the surface, don't be so comfortable. Are they better than you? Have war, famine and human calamity become extinct? I think not which typically means that sooner or later we all face some hard times/decisions. Guess what happens if we have no experience? We raise generations that have no concept of how to cook without microwaves, do math without a calculator or enjoy the spoils without the work. Sooner or later, reality comes a knockin' Who will answer?


Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Things I Know About You

Ok, I'm gonna rattle your brain today with a blog that has NOTHING to do with me; it's the ugly truth about YOU. Yes, you, I know who you are and what you think and what you're going to think next. How's that for Monday Upchuck! Look at you; you can't even stop reading for your own good.

Six Things I Know About You

1. You’re a genius. There’s at least one thing you’re better at than anyone one else. Why even pretend that you don't know what it is that you're best at doing. If you don’t know what that thing is, go find out. Look under your nose, denseduff.

2. You care. You want to do more with your life than just work and pay bills. You want to make a positive impact in the world; maybe even never forgotten by being famous. Live the dream, do something meaningful with your life, all that stuff; if only you knew where to start.

3. You’re lazy. You spend most of your time doing things that don't make a hill of beans difference but you would never admit it to yourself if you even cared — you just sit here reading this rediculous blog, dying to click on my next link! Sure go ahead.

4. You’re vacationing on the fence. You don’t know if you’re good enough to succeed at doing what you’re really good at, so you go on devoting less brain cells to the things that could really make a difference — to yourself and others. But you do need to pay those bills, and you may even have a family to support. You’re afraid it would take too much work and time to do both right. You're a chicken.

5. You’re a hypocrite. It’s OK, admit it. Tell the truth and shame the Devil. Everyone is. We can’t live up to our OWN standards, and that eats us up. Society loves to hate someone else's hypocrisy, so pay no attention to the man in the mirror.

6. You suck. There, I said it. Thanks to #3-5, you aren’t doing your best at whatever it is you’re great at. You’re probably using less than 50% of your potential, and you know it. You’re spend most of your cranium capacity on replaying self-doubts. The people who are successful at doing what you want to do must have more talent, brains and discipline. Give up now.

Are you shocked by my genius yet?

Or did I tell you six things about me after all?

Instead of ending this with a list of six random bloggers I know, I’m going to “tag” six superstars whose ideas I ripped off who inspired the above, and stated those points much better than I could. If you’re looking for solutions to the dilemma presented herein, go check them out.


Friday, August 28, 2009

District 9: The Human Tradgedy Again

district 9

Well its no secret that I like SciFi and aliens and all that stuff. The previews to District 9 had me hooked for immediate viewing. I drug my wifey to the theater despite the Wilson County Fair for my own selfish wants. She snickered in the dark for the first 6 minutes as the screen was filled with a documentary style scenes of aliens in trash heaps running around like hungry children in any third world country commercial. She was convinced that it was another let down like some other unnamed SciFi flops. The scenes were very assaulting and I was concerned that I had been snookered again too. Was this some sad alien comedy or hollywood alien junk crap of a movie making mockery of a viable reality? I was very uneasy in my seat. I could hear my mind saying..."its that doggone preview trailer maker guy again; he's tricked me again."

10 minutes later, it was apparent that we had been submerged into a real socio-political world not so alien afterall. Throat-deep in plot, this very engaging documentary-style movie latches on with titanium cables and pulls you under. A huge hovering craft over a third world city, hundreds of slave alien beings needing to be integrated into our human society - I guess you could say they were illegal aliens; human resistance and fear of anything less than comfortable - trash, etc. is fine, just not in our backyard; and the less fortunate resorting to crime to merely survive with mounting hate on each side of the species spectrum - I would say we have a major plotline. I won't reveal any spoilers here; except to say we are so acustomed to sympathising as long as we don't actually have to get our hands dirty or we can check out of "their" situation and go back to "our" comforts at any time.

You may say there are no aliens. You might cry send them back. You might even have one standing right beside you, in your family or even more shockingly, unknowingly be one. Is it our capacity to love or to hate that makes us so severely "human."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Era of Change

monsters in the dark

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. It is said that image is king! These sayings are embedded in an ugly truth crawling at the underbelly of every American idealism. The poet Shane Koyczan said that he doesn't keep change in his pocket; he keeps it in the tip of his pen, because sometimes the writing on the wall can use a little revision. It would be easy to notice despite all the headline chatter about change; we don't really want to commit to it. Critics cry It's too hard. Now isn't the time. This isnt the right way to do it. "

monsters in the dark

It would appear plain to me that if you knew a better way to do it; why havent you done it long before now.Will we always shoot down the vanguard of change. Will we forever as people throw eggs at what we arent comfortable digesting; hoping to chase it away with fear and hate til we appear more beautiful and intelligent in our own eyes. Pay no attention to the man in the mirror. Change is hard work and not for the weary at heart. It requires hard turns at uncomfortable g-forces and laser cuts deeper than the bones of comfortable lives. Can we not walk boldly into the dark shivering together in a unity stronger than our fears but far weaker than our hopes?

monsters in the dark

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Small Giants: My How Things Have Changed

Once upon a time there was a very old story. In this story a lumbering giant towered over everyone else, taunting them daily. Even the strongest and most skilled of other men dared not face the giant due to the reenforced humiliation of anyone who thought they could best the giant. He was merciless and surely his size might block out the sun. His arms hung like oak trees time had long forgotten. His bolder like fists had smashed all contendors until a tiny boy stood in his shadow and glared up at him. Sure it looked so insane that even the giant laughed. Of course, everyone else under the bully's influence always laughs along with them while trembling in fear that their laughter is not loud enought for their self-proclaimed conquerer. Three stones later everyone coughed from the rise of the dust and the thud of what towered before well over them. Pardon my paraphrase; but you get the idea.

There are certainly many million-dollar companies that tower over we little people, whether it's entertainment, insurance, financial or housing giants. For many years, they have had their way with us often. We pay premiums almost with a gratitude for the privilidge in exchange for some often false security. When its all said and done, it's about business and business equals profits. I suspect the common man has wised up to the obvious evidence that company loyalties arent what they used to be. In a time when handshakes and eye contact is practically forbidden and easily masquaraded as sincere, folk's first inclination is to mistrust. They've been burned before — and that's before the last time after the time before. Big companies have ruled the landscape of America with iron fists, pummeling its infants who might dare raise their eyes into the sun.

Then came the social medias! It appeared totally geeked-out and harmless at its dawning. But the morning got brighter by the hour and its power has become blinding. I came across this story by accident and it struck a cord with me. Being over forty years old, one has a bit of space to look back over and note change with remember whens. I particularly noted this line,
You don’t get to play by the old rules any more, and it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You don’t get the old privilege of anonymity. You don’t get to bury your story on page 47.

There is no more page 47. Every story is somebody’s page 1. more...

Perhaps normal man has found his/her superhuman strength pill. Perhaps we can all become supermen and women. Perhaps we can truely make a difference as a single voice in the face of giants. On the other hand, if we're all the same, will we not be back in the same boat? Does the revolutionary not always live long enough to become tomorrow's dictator? The power of the circle cycle is overwhelming. In fact, it's odd how normal it stays; but always with the promise of change.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Stars Burn So Brightly and You Love It

Make a wish upon a falling star! They cast a beautiful glow packed with rich color and dazzling visuals any Hollywood studio could be proud of replicating. They blind us with "other worldiness" and bewilderment as they enter our meager atmosphere. We can dream up any sinareo about who, what and where it travels from; but the point of impact, if it survives to reach the earth, is unmistakeably human. Yes, only human — flawed, frail and broken like all the rest of us incapable of escaping our impact with death and taxes.

Chaos can be beautiful, but it is also impossible to control. Flames are intoxicating, and they burn without discrimination. It’s all about striking balance, even though it’s more fun not to. To forget that rule is to run the risk of being devoured, because energy first and foremost feeds.

This podcast is spawned by a conversation with my cohort, the Pensive referring to one of those subjects that keeps returning in different forms but always ending the same manner. The revolutionist always seem to live long enough to become the establishment they were fighting against. The longer you live, the more you are inclined that there be some rules that everyone abides by...some level of "common descency" i.e. families are off limits, churches are sacred ground, etc. Sure everyone would love to blame someone else but in the end, the reflection in the mirror must bear some of the smear of the state of society. Afterall....without the demand, the supply would deminish or better.

Anywhoooo...back to the train track. The chaos of the plummet is beautiful in all its radiant color and shrapnel with a glowing troup of other falling pebbles ( or "ticks" if you read my previous blog.) It only takes a few moments to think of "stars" that have fallen in some form or another; not to mention politicians and religious figures. People are not much different from children, they can be quite cruel...afterall where else would children get it. But we tend to really enjoy the spectacle of the fall when this "once water-walking" icon has really spouted some form of financial, religious or moral superiority or lack of understanding the plight of the less fortunate. Oh wait, I'm being too generous, we love a train wreck regardless. Stardom is a beautiful thing but its the fall that is the true performance that we tend to tune into primetime to witness.

The energy is a hard thing for some to grasp. How do you walk away from oceans of people calling your name and spending their money, time and energy to be in your presence? How does a gladiator leave the collesium and be exiled to grow flowers in some discarded/less viewed dimly lit stage after all the previous performance spoils? Oh yeah, there's spoils, lots of them; more than you could ever imagine. Access has privilidges surrounded by steel bars. Sure we would all love to sit in judgement or have a late night comedy show that we can safely crack jokes casually about someone else's chaos and dismay. The camera has no sympathies and it drains any existing mercies from its wielder. That's entertainment folks!!! Not the money, but the love of it; that's the true dictator of our souls. Why we pretend otherwise is just another side effect of being human, contaminated from birth.

I have never met anyone who could leave the glory days in peace. The energy is unmistakeable and there are no substitues. The energy, the chaos and the hunger are all brothers; all mortally bonded. I can only say make a wish upon a falling star in the night sky and wish twice if it's in the daytime. Perhaps you should also give thanks for not being that star. Stars fall with terminal velocity generating fire, heat and chaos. Look out belooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eventually the ticks on the dog win!

tick on dog

Ticks, they're tiny and you might not even notice them at most glances. Whether the dog aquires the ticks or the ticks seek them out; their encounter typically occurs while in action toward something, i.e. the dog was on a mission. While going about its merry way or aimlessly meandering, the dog is typically unaware of the parasites that have hitched a ride.

But what of this parasite? Tick is the common name for the small arachnids in superfamily Ixodoidea that, along with other mites, constitute the Acarina. Ticks are ectoparasites (external parasites), living by hematophagy on the blood of mammals, birds, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Ticks are vectors of a number of diseases, including Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, tularemia, tick-borne relapsing fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and Tick-borne meningoencephalitis, as well as anaplasmosis in cattle and canine jaundice.[1]

Young ticks have six legs, and mature ticks have eight legs. They vary in size and appearance depending on the species.

But what of a parasite? parasite (plural parasites)

1. (biology) A (generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing the resources produced/collected by another living organism.

Lice, fleas, ticks and mites are widely spread parasites.

2. (pejorative) A person who relies on other people's efforts and gives little back (originally a sycophant).

Parasites can remain invisible for only a select amount of time. They prey on the host which begins to add weight their bodies. This invisible rider can hang on for free so long as it remains small and insignificant. But like most parasites, their success is what does them in. They grow to monsterous sizes that threaten to become their own entity; proclaiming to have just as much or more power than their host. The gains from stealing along for the ride become hard to ignore. Success leaves a trail and adds some pounds.

political dragon

It is easy to realize that success not only attracts parasites but might even be somewhat due to parasites as well. Clearly celebrities are no stranger to these organisms. Even the scandals of the day are somewhat due to parasites. They started out harmless and insignificant; small and non-existent in the host's view. Its always a matter of time before the parasites bleed dry the host once fat with power, glamour and success; casting them aside like an old cicada shedding, split and useless. Perhaps these parasites have robbed us of our financial illusions, rock stars and innocences. And alas, the dog is spent and the tick moves on to the next victim.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Our Hangover!

funny movie: hangover

The weekend is over again. What a very nice one it was. One of the greatest things in life is laughter. I personally believe if more folks spent time laughing they would probably live longer and better. I had a weekend that left my stomach sore from laughter. Thats is rare gift. Its just great for the soul.

We celebrated my BFFs 41st birthday Saturday. We went to see The Hangover. Of course I had to convice her that it was better than some romantic comedy...this time I won. That movie was rolling in the isles funny; but it really was maximized by being surrounded by the oddest combination of folks too. Behind us was a pretty girl who laughed like a horse -- of course which caused more laughter. To my right behind me were these two huge fat black guys (most have been brothers...same bone structure); ahead and down two rows to my right to older ladies (could have been more than just together--but it was hard to tell). Something got her funnybox tickled and she couldnt breath as her friend kept trying to make sure she wasnt choking; everything else was a strange mixture of mature folks, asians and geeks. Boy am I glad I didnt have popcorn; I might have choked too. Here's the plot:
While watching the film, it was hard not to think the film's plot could happen in reality. "The Hangover" is loosely based on a real story.
From the director of OLD SCHOOL comes a new comedy about a bachelor party gone horribly wrong.

Two days before his wedding, Doug (Justin Bartha) and his three buddies (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis) drive to Vegas for a blow-out night they'll never forget. But when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning with pounding headaches, they can't remember a thing. Their posh hotel suite is beyond trashed and the groom is nowhere to be found.

With no clue of what happened and little time to spare, the trio must attempt to retrace their bad decisions from the night before in order to figure out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back to L.A. in time for his wedding. However, the more they begin to uncover, the more they realize just how much trouble they're really in.

funny movie: hangover

This movie even has Mike Tyson making a singing debute! Worse than that, we like exactly the same part of Phil Collins' I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonite! Funny funny funny!!! While not probably as funny as Something About Mary, it would be really close to next in line. Later we had dinner at Logans Roadhouse...always good service and friends. Just as we were leaving, another friend walks in and joins us and we laugh for another 2.5 hours! It was bonkers. (luckily we didnt get thrown out, most of the folks I would have called were already there.)

Needless to say, it was a good time had by all. Very funny movie; not for kids or the tightly girded.

TRAILER: click and chuckle.


Friday, July 10, 2009

The worst of both bests: Fridaku!

we have two halves

Suddenly its Friday all of a sudden. Ive had the ole nose to the stone and just beginning to see the light of day. Wow, what a week its been...and the ball of mud just keeps spinning. There are so many things to marvel about in the world and reflect upon the perfect order of the universe and the disorderly chaos of man. The media really does have most of the power when defined by the actual medium of media and not necessarily the press.

All the social networks have changed the balance of power in the world as we know it. Genocide can be seen even under the most hulking of tyranies in issolation. Like most things, there are pros and cons. Its odd that the freedom of speech might be so enslaving to our characters. What does one do when he/she has been publicly humiliated under false pretenses. I am always amazed how scandal can stay in the media for days if not months; but the retraction only appears once on page 13 burried deeply below the obituaries (figuratively speaking of course); but you know what I mean.

Great men/women are capable of great things — they are also equally capable of far worse. The universe appears to favor balance. There are very few folks I can think of that were "completely" good or didnt have their virtues offset by some deep dark vise(s). Balance seems like a natural law of being right down to a molecular level. Thus one might say, to be "completely" good is down right "alien" to us....

And last but not least, the Fidaku!

Life Seasons
Good, Bad, we all share;
Sunshine, rainfall and between;
Life requires it all.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Then Comes the Crazy......

crazy she comes

I was chatting with my cohort this morning and the subject of Sarah Palin, Jim Baker, Jessica Hawn, Koby Bryant, Bill Clinton.....and the long string of public indescrections...... The conversation was not about temptation but something far more sinister. There are those who superseed temptation which self-vidgelence must be at omniplay. They are those who communicate in pure binary code with the secret cheat codes from the manufacturer. They are those so aware of the raw essence of a thing that they over-ride mental conscent, walk through and even go undetected by all the normal safeguards a person might put up or fortify themselves against. If the guard on the tower is instructed to watch out for the guy with horns, he may be easily allow to pass the baby hiding a gun. That is to say that some of life's ugly things are wrapped in beautiful packages. Land mines are shiny until they explode. Our culture demands it define the ideals and what beauty resembles. With shows like "What NOT to Wear," one might easily be confronted with not being up to speed. With realization comes the struggle to yeild or defend. Our first response is always one of "but this is who I am" or "its just my style." Either direction is admirable if it is arrived at through self reality vs someone else's perception or urgings. As one of my pastors often says, "if I talk you into it, somebody else will just come along and talk you out of it." Thus it is beyond public approval to take the road less traveled. One might argue that without our minds, we might be better off; but isn't Hulu taking care of that?

I use these extreme examples because the truth is just as extreme. If you are or have a defined enemy, you easily overlook the unimagineable standing right next to you. I am not sure we can afford to always play nice; especially when the enemy has no rules.... Should the US not torture? Should we really close Guantanimo? IF we let in the little things, what do they bring with them? What eggs have been lain in their bellies? We easily reply, "ah that was just a little.....was it really? If it was, would we be having this conversation now?

Ahh...beware the little foxes.......

Why are "we" always suprised when things turn crazy? Really, nothing is forever. Whom with any common sense would mix guns, alcohol and witnesses? Isnt it amazing the things that we think we need laws for/against? WHY cant enough be enough before it gets crazy? Are we all a little psycho waiting to happen?


Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Odd Thursday Reflections

Its a sunny cloudy Thursday and its gonna be an odd one. I havent blogged in some time and not for any real reason other than most thoughts have been turned inside. There are a lot of things going on. My house was hit by the Murfreesboro tornado a month ago and Allstate insurance is telling me its good hands are closed or not that open. Mother's Day coming but she's not here; so its a day I can do without now. Car repairs, recession, brothers and sisters, and the continued improvement of what isnt all require more money. In the end, its all good. I'm a survivor regardless of how much I dont want to be. In the end, I come out on top no matter how much mud and crap I have to crawl through. Sometimes it seems like a cruel joke to keep surviving. Eagles tied too close to the ground but not willing to defy fate..... Its always unfortunate when the lightning doesnt strike you directly; save the trees, I'm standing still.


Friday, May 01, 2009



In the end is always the essence of the beginning again. I often wonder how many times the world has been restarted. Perhaps the earth must "shave it beard" every couple of hundred thousand years. The end rarely is a good thing; nor does it typically come in terms of a peaceful resolution. The end doesnt drive up in a pretty pristene car but a broken down rusted ole jalopy; long from good care and laboring every last breath from the rotation of its tires. Typically we as humans hate change and resist it with all our might. Sometimes if we embrace change, changing back can be easier. I akin that to watching parents then one day seeing yourself like them or you in get my drift. Its always funny when you hear yourself and your mind clicks play to replay what you've heard them say for years. That is always followed by the thought, "you sound just like..." which is then followed by an uncomfortable grin. An apple can never hope to be a peach and grapes are restricted to vines without the opportunity to hang from trees. The universe has its natural order predestined by God or the "creator of your choice/reality."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The View from Above

You would be amazed but more likely disgused by what you see when no one thinks you are looking. The recent Dominos prank created by two kids who were "not serious" are receiving a VERY serious response from the company. WHY?, the nonchalant might ask. Its about brand trust, its about freedom of speech in a digital age where the fences are made of toilet paper. In the era of youtube, myspace, google and facebook, power of the people has never been more easily available or misuseable. At what point does ones opinion on a personal blog become a public deframation or obsenity?

When lines are drawn, there's always another drawn two feet from it. It is human to just want to rebel or go one step farther? I dont know. I do know there is always a point of too far; often not discovered until you arrive at that location. Unfortuantely with no lines, we all become mud-covered. At first that seems ok until you realize it corrupts everything around you. Beautiful white curtains dont blow in the wind when they're drenched in mud.

However do big companies have the same right to get bailed out AND turn around and raise your credit card interest rates or banking fees or electricity rates?? Really?

I heard an interesting debate about handguns in public restaurants/establishments. Part of the pro argument was that criminals dont follow the law; so law abiding citizens would have the right to defend themselves in the event of an emergency. Add a little or a lot; but lets also throw alcohol into the mix....see a pattern developing.

If I can sue for coffee being hot; eventually I can sue for alcohol being too strong, for dresses being too short, for air being too polluted, for stuffed animals named after religious figures etc. The line in the sand keeps moving......

I guess you can argue anything from the right perspective. When you look at it from above, idealism is pretty nice. When someone has your family, child, partner, mate, reputation or career hostage; those "ideals" get a free suspension from counting. Its for "those" people; not me. Funny how that works; but it keeps working. You might notice that wars are rarely fought by the person who declares them..... I'm just sayin'....


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Bizarre!!!

I would be the first to ask, "why make art that only says one thing?" Why paint an image that can only be viewed from one perspective? Dare I declare ART is much more; much as life....much, much, more! In league with my pensive has been an odd Tuesday and thus demands some tribute to its passing. Today I (we) look at the beauty of the more words will be required.


"THE SHIP OF FOOLS" by Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch is the genius Netherlander Painter, born in 1450. Bosch's paintings combined irreverent and grotesque images, fantasy, freaks, devils, and bizarre symbolism to depict corruption, indulgence, religious hypocrisy and human greed. "The Ship of Fools" c. 1500 (above), is based on German writer Sebastian Brant's work "Das Narrenschiff"- an allegorical poem about human folly of lazy, greedy, useless people on a ship going no where and led by no one.

sheep wagon

by Fred Einaudi

war erotic
A bizarre but fascinating blend of eroticism and war in the paintings of Hu Ming."


To say that Salvador Dali was an amazing Spanish artist and painter, actually means to say almost nothing. He was fantastic, he was charming, he was magnificent. He belongs to one of the brightest surrealists ever.

fishy art



Thursday, April 02, 2009

Next in line...

we dont care

If you have ever been to the local gas station at lunch time and there's a line. Typically there is someone ahead that's telling their life story to an audience that really doesn't care. It's like piped in music or being forced to listen to someone's cellphone conversation who is standing in line with you but somewhere else. (that's some major annoying; but that's another blog) Anyway, there's that feeling of relief when you realize or its obvious that you are next in line. We love being next in line!

I have five brothers and sisters and chances are that you do too. I had the privlidge of being the oldest. The reason I make that point is often in middle or low income families, things get passed down to whomever is next in line. I was looking at my father. He had three brothers and one sister. The issue: the older before him passed. The resulting thought spinoff: I guess I "theoretically" first to grave. I'm first in line; can't change the order of that. I think of those
standing in line behind me. In hopes of leaving a good example of "being in line," one's mind is forced to ponder.

follow me

Am I excited about being next in line to the coffin?
What freaks folks out about death? the fear/question of what's next?
Am I terrified of the unknown or the next episode?
Shall we go quietly into the night/dawn or shall be fall kicking and screaming, trying to stop the inevitable?

I watched my father at his big brother's funeral wondering what he was wondering. Yes, the sadness, but then there was more behind his eyes, behind his stares, behind his silence. I feel like the realization of the coming or the its my turn next realization. I could only image the years of memories that play back through ones mind trying to bet back to the present, littered with smiles and sobs. Isn't life the short narrow corridor to the great room after the doorfacing of death?


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Knowing of Knowing....

Here below the first preview clip of knowing, directed Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne:

Nicolas Cage - Knowing Movie

I saw a good movie with my BFF this weekend. Knowing with Nicholas Cage was a bit more than I bargained for. Thank goodness it exceeded my expectations and then some. But thats not what this blog is about. Its more about the gifts we receive as mortals from somewhere else and why we think that entitles us to certain privilidges.

In this case, we will explore the gift of prophesy. If we could know the future; does that entitle us the right to be able to change it? Or do we just get to know for the sake of knowing and the concilliation that something/one is willing to communicate with us? Why do we always assume that we were chosen to change what we are allowed to see/know? There are several TV shows that walk along the lines of having this special knowledge and the added twists from trying to alter what is supposed to happen; etc. The Sarah Connor Chronicles,Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Life on Mars and Eli Stone, just to name a few. We won't even mention the noteables from history that are still talked about today for their predictions and ideas. Hence; if we can see it but not change it, is it really a gift or a cruel curse like the taunting of a pet outside the glass of a butcher's glass?

We are enraptured with these knowledges and the communion with the "something else." In fact, recently even the Roman Catholic Church has come out and pronounced that the existence of aliens doesn't negate the story of the Christ. Now that's an odd statement to be making....

Of course, who could truely ignore the book of Revelations! Are our
"gifts" only defined by our comforts or controls? Are gifts only good
if we like them? Does our lack of gratitude employ the universe to
pass them to someone else more grateful?


Friday, March 20, 2009

Stolen Glances

stolen glance

IF I stole a glance, would my eyes have missed a vision or gained a sight? The question seems simple on the surface like an earthworm or snail crawling over the sharp edge of shattered glass effortlessly. Speaking of which; I would love to be able to overlook offenses just as easily, which we all know is a bit more difficult doing than saying, like most things. A glance is a brief or cursory look and/or a quick look at a person, place, event or thing. What's really stolen versus given away? We communicate so much even with so little. In the instant of a blink or wink; we can speak volumes to ourselves, about
ourselves or others. We do it without even being aware or even intending to sometimes. Some have made a science and/or career of it, reading expressions.

One of our new shows, Lie To Me. which is on FOX of course, has some very startling observations that are satiricly lain over current and past events to validate the ficticious storylines. This team of folks basicly read "micro-expressions" which are apparently universal regardless of age, sex, race or demographic identities. It is as fascinating as alarming. One might even question the cat being let out of the bag or the wisdom in opening Pandora'sbox.

look into my eyes

As with most things, the more you reveal about it, the more it reveals about you. If you peer into the heart of a thing, it most likely looks back. Your eyes can keep secrets from you. Dark secrets always return in the form of Light explosions. The transition from dark to light is always violent; mostly because it involves war either way. Water converted to steam is not a peaceful surrender; it is by an element of no return, a line drawn in the sand, if you will....too hot or cold to remain the same. People are no different. Our transitions between states are typically by force; by a war won or lost, though we might claim volition.

Thus I return to my original questions:
IF I stole a glance, would my eyes have missed a vision or gained a sight?
What's really stolen versus given away?
Is a stolen glance taking from the viewer or the viewed?

They say the eyes don't lie; but those words are spoken by the
tongue, not the eye....


Monday, March 02, 2009

Suffocating Inside

It would seem strange that the older we become the more we become child-like. IT is unfortunate that most of our dreams and childlike innocences have been trapped below, somewhere deep inside us like suffocating dreams that are pale as a new moon. Those dreams havent seen the light of day since our teen years were forced from us. Time, reality and responsibility hold us captive til we are forced again to return to a child-state but far less illusioned. The child typically returning at an older age is far more bitter.

It is for that reason I am encouraged and thrilled to see some HAPPY OLD PEOPLE. They do exist and since they do; I at least have a shot or an example to hope for when the inner me gets out again. The child has the keys to magic; even if the adult refuses to turn the lock. We are blinded by the lessons of time and life; the child doesnt know any better. There's no room in the real world for big babies....only grumpy old humans once something else.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Walk The Line

Walk The Line, Johnny Cash

I have always loved this poster since the first time I saw it. The design is great, the colors are perfect and it has a unified balance that goes without saying. I met the man in black once as a kid; I was touched by his politeness. Walk the Line; what a movie, crammed with some real soul-stalking songs.

What a great song! It reminds me of Randy Travis, "On the Other Hand" a little. What is the mystical power that draws the moth to the flame? Would the light not be the light without what it does? Could the moth remain as such if it couldnt be drawn to the flame? As sure as the flames destroy; do they not also liberate? Does the light also blight out our sight? Too many moths put out the flame; you can think about that any way you choose. The divorce rate will back that one up.

For the few and the proud, there's a war going on every day. Its at its worst when the clammor of armor and stench of blood are not present; when no danger is apparent and the sun is strong in the sky while the birds frolic carefree overhead. There really are very few "downtimes" public or private; awake or asleep. If you walk the line, will its edge eventaully slice you in half? Will what draws you also kill you?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Failure Required: How Long?


"You can tell a man is clever by his answers. You can tell he is wise by his questions." --Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian Nobel Laureate

Its a chilly Monday in breezy Nashville. The BatTower casts a cold shadow on my window. The only thing more chilling is the nirvana digging through my cortex by way of my ears. With iPOD well engaged, I listen to a podcast that is well worth your attention. I found it quite by accident, as usual; but there are really no accidents. Today's podcast Cultivate Life! that I am listening to is about asking questions and seeking to understand instead of insisting being understood. Today I am curious about the wisdom and value of failure. I saw another one of those infomercials that I thought about trying but logic and probably fear talked me out of it....besides I've tried a million. I admit that most schemes DO work for other people; they do NOT typically work for me. It is odd that we always issolate ourselves into being something different when in actuality we are all quite the same. Questions expand our thinking, living and understanding of ourselves and our world; maybe that is what scares us so much about them.

We must not pretend to be anyone else but ourselves. Abandon ego but never your integrity. Ego is about what others think; intergrity is about faithfulness to oneself and ability. Failure is the opportunity to begin again.
Cultivate Life!

Feed your mind and become a fathead!