Friday, December 19, 2008

Villian Truths

There are some things that you just have to appreciate. Some of those things are things that we may miss from the casual glance. Even with the villians in our lives, there are things we overlook. Most really good villians are basicly "good people." They just have these little ticks that set them off. You know some of these folks. You work with them, you see them at family reunions or they may even be lying next to you at some point. The best villian is one that doesnt realize they are such. The most dangerous ones are the ones that do. I think the ultimate villian of the believer, casual or serious, has some very strong qualities.

Villians study! Villians study their prey. They watch who, what, when and where you go. They note what your dislikes and loves are. They even go through your "garbage" to find what you really like. The mark of a good villian is a bit of dirt about the cuffs. Villians are not lazy people...which brings me to my next point.

Darth Vader

Villians are committed! The problem with most of us "good folks," aside from our laziness, we just arent really that committed. The first little obstacle is a sign that "we're on the wrong path." We look for an easier way. The villian lets nothing separate them from the original goal. Its that "by any means necessary" creed that the villian abides by that always leads them "to the victor go the spoils" lifestyle. It easier to be committed by less rules; but they're not ruleless. Isnt that ironic...the honor among thieves/villians. Commitment defies anything that stands in the way. That gets me to the last point....

Persistence! The villian doesnt give up. It doesnt matter how long it takes. They study, commit and persist until the goal is achieved. Those are some of the things I admire about villians. Occassionally they have to invent something new; but for the most part, all the old stuff works so well and so effectively that theres no need to bother. Victory is inevitable. That is the same vigor we must approach the present economic crisis...hard choices, tough calls and a belt tight enuf to choke a tick for clear results to reboost and energize our limping country.

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Aren't we all, to quote Mr. Dafoe, righteous? We all think what we're doing is right, or at least we make excuses as to why our behavior is understandable. I think that is the most chilling aspect about us as a species, the ability to rationalize.