Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Prison of Bliss

There are some things in life that are pretty sure things...change, death, taxes and the human disposition to ordain chaos. Thats not a newsflash or a headline; but the captioned disclaimer under the birth certificate of every mortal. We war against ourselves from the first swap on the butt that makes us scream for air. Do this, dont do that, be this, not like that, avoid them, beware, etc. I have very early memories of mine and yours. I might argue that my persona came preinstalled. Any crib or playground being observed will support the struggle evolving at the knowledge of mine and yours. Sure, we would love to say that all our polically correct ideals are just how we are; but in truth, we know better. We spend our lives pretending to be who we want others to think we are with the waking fear that someone will discover the back of our trousers/dress is missing. We try to hide all the truely human aspects of our mortalities....everybody remembers that Elvis died on the can. If he had the choice, he would have changed the PR on that one to died on stage before a packed farewell tour. We discard our women as they age because irregardless of what we hold as an "advanced society" of morals; the currency of America or the world hasnt changed since the Dark Ages. I think I will let you figure that one out; but you may be sitting on the answer.

prisonbreak we only want out when we're in or because we're in...

Our nine-month captivity would be thought not nearly long enuf if we knew beforehand what leaving would demand. Perhaps air is over-rated. Amphibians might be the lucky ones...air or water. But forced out we are; even expelled, swatted for bad behavior and forced to live outside in the "other world." Thats long before the crown of thorns from society, media and religion are forced down onto our tender temples. Yes, we've been bleeding since day one...maybe before then. Perhaps it is only the female cycle that hints to us that though we bleed, we can still live. If we still live then we have another chance to war against ourselves tomorrow. But for now, this delicious skin is quite cozy and its got my name on it.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

It is what it is. Every day is a struggle. Maybe that's what we'll miss most when we're gone.