Thursday, December 11, 2008

Petting Zoo: Do NOT Feed the Animals

Everything is easier with instructions...well assuming they are written in laymans terms. Now I would be the first to admit that for the most part, if its not rocket science, I just tear right into a thing and assume that I can do it without reading the instructions. After 40 plus years of reading the directions after I find one extra screw or worse, there's always that one phrase that sticks out. It goes, Before doing anything else,... Which is to say that it is possible that everything else you did might have worked if you had done this one thing first. But (Palin wink), we know thats not really the case; only our wildest intrusions of pride, nothing more.

Life would be a lot easier if people came with instructions. How thick would that book be? Might even be just one or two pages. Growing up one of six, there were many times things happened that made no sense. I am suprised that my traps and delts arent huge from shrugging "I dont know" a million times a day. There are plenty of kids having kids and that is often before they're even legal or married or in love. I am amazed how blissful childhood is when someone else always does the worrying for you. How simple life and its tough decisions are when your biggest fears are if the New Kids on The Block will break up.

I heard a horrific story on the news last night in Putnam County regarding a young couple in which the man is behind bars, charged in the rape of his girlfriend's three-month-old baby boy. Instructions or no; some things are just wrong not only for the commission of the crime but for the mother who allowed this to happen if not watch. There's nothing more I will say about this except clearly there was a lack of good direction somewhere.

Either way you slice it, with or without directions, there were some things I knew I was gonna get a switch for and other things not even worth finding out what might happen. Instructions help only if you're reading AND using them. Parents cant do it all; the community helps too. Lastly, kids, like it or not, have their part which is "dictated" to them, not request "of" them like a McDonald Happy Meal or a Burger King "have it your way..." No school like the old school.

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