Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

The best is yet to come! So is the worst...but it all works out in the end. 2008 is almost over
and its time to think of the future and brighter days.

Nothing personal, I just like it better my way!

I like it better my way


Hot Angels

Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Talk to Strangers

Ben Kingsley


I was watching this movie Transsiberean and I heard this quote that was riveting. After a quick googling, I found that the quote is from .Tennessee Williams, "Kill all my demons and the angels might die too." I have heard his name but not read any of his literature. I may have to rethink that in the future. Meanwhile, what a quote! Is it possible that the fate of angels is tied to the fate of demons? If you prove the existence of one, does it not validate the other. Is man human without his inhumane ways?


Friday, December 19, 2008

Villian Truths

There are some things that you just have to appreciate. Some of those things are things that we may miss from the casual glance. Even with the villians in our lives, there are things we overlook. Most really good villians are basicly "good people." They just have these little ticks that set them off. You know some of these folks. You work with them, you see them at family reunions or they may even be lying next to you at some point. The best villian is one that doesnt realize they are such. The most dangerous ones are the ones that do. I think the ultimate villian of the believer, casual or serious, has some very strong qualities.

Villians study! Villians study their prey. They watch who, what, when and where you go. They note what your dislikes and loves are. They even go through your "garbage" to find what you really like. The mark of a good villian is a bit of dirt about the cuffs. Villians are not lazy people...which brings me to my next point.

Darth Vader

Villians are committed! The problem with most of us "good folks," aside from our laziness, we just arent really that committed. The first little obstacle is a sign that "we're on the wrong path." We look for an easier way. The villian lets nothing separate them from the original goal. Its that "by any means necessary" creed that the villian abides by that always leads them "to the victor go the spoils" lifestyle. It easier to be committed by less rules; but they're not ruleless. Isnt that ironic...the honor among thieves/villians. Commitment defies anything that stands in the way. That gets me to the last point....

Persistence! The villian doesnt give up. It doesnt matter how long it takes. They study, commit and persist until the goal is achieved. Those are some of the things I admire about villians. Occassionally they have to invent something new; but for the most part, all the old stuff works so well and so effectively that theres no need to bother. Victory is inevitable. That is the same vigor we must approach the present economic crisis...hard choices, tough calls and a belt tight enuf to choke a tick for clear results to reboost and energize our limping country.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cloned Disasters: Our Ugly Parts

Every night you turn on the news, its the same old story...dow jones plummeted, such and such filed bankruptcy and/or so and so laid off x number of people. True, its a tough time and no amount of positive thinking or pretending its not true will distract you from the reality that this is not utopia. People are spending less, people are holding on to more, and yes, sales are down. That typically means that generocity is also down. I watch the food banks and other charities cry for more help in an economy that isnt helping that many people. Ironicly, most of the big CEOs involved in the housing and financial disasters are keeping their jobs and asking the government for more. If I had any doubts before about Bob Corker, they're gone now. He would appear to be the most if not only common sense person around. Yes, a lot of people are probably going to lose their jobs in the auto industry, but why give the money to people who clearly have mismanaged the money they previously had the responsibility for the pensions and purse-strings. Why shouldnt we expect to see a clear plan of action, improvement or change before giving away the American taxpayers wellbeing? Why cant we expect some level of competency from CEOs beyond "it was a tough year and we did not anticipate this ..." I know that that doesnt work with my bill collectors!

With all that said, YES, things are going to get better and we'll mostly be fine again. Understand that it will get a lot worse before it get better; but it will get better. I read several stories about newspapers who have gone out of business after surviving "the digital age." And the poor Illinois governor....please. Get out of the way. Politics as usual isnt going to be able to rescue this mess. The good ole boys club has a serious black eye and all the Robin Leaches are running for cover. He who blames last gets blamed. In the end, it will require some pulling together as all the conventional means fail. In the end, the greatest force is love. I am sure we are never comfortable with what that looks like or what form it may take. There would be much about "redefinition" in the air these days. The folks I feel for the most are the ones who spent their youth saving and working only to discover someone with a bigger house squandered it all away on their greedy watch. Sure, some of us dont care or only have sympathy because right now, at least, its not us. As my iPOD hums away and my fingers continue their akimbo stance on the keyboards, the words of this song in my eardrums seems prophetic and maybe even haunting.

Love Comes Running Up That Hill
It doesn’t hurt me.
You want to feel, how it feels?
You want to know, know that it doesn’t hurt me?
You want to hear about the deal I’m making.
You, (If I only could, be running up that hill)
You and me (If I only could, be running up that hill)

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
Get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could ...more...

And another siren goes by, screaming into the cold outside my window as Wednesday comes to a close. I cant wait to see the news tonite.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Petting Zoo: Do NOT Feed the Animals

Everything is easier with instructions...well assuming they are written in laymans terms. Now I would be the first to admit that for the most part, if its not rocket science, I just tear right into a thing and assume that I can do it without reading the instructions. After 40 plus years of reading the directions after I find one extra screw or worse, there's always that one phrase that sticks out. It goes, Before doing anything else,... Which is to say that it is possible that everything else you did might have worked if you had done this one thing first. But (Palin wink), we know thats not really the case; only our wildest intrusions of pride, nothing more.

Life would be a lot easier if people came with instructions. How thick would that book be? Might even be just one or two pages. Growing up one of six, there were many times things happened that made no sense. I am suprised that my traps and delts arent huge from shrugging "I dont know" a million times a day. There are plenty of kids having kids and that is often before they're even legal or married or in love. I am amazed how blissful childhood is when someone else always does the worrying for you. How simple life and its tough decisions are when your biggest fears are if the New Kids on The Block will break up.

I heard a horrific story on the news last night in Putnam County regarding a young couple in which the man is behind bars, charged in the rape of his girlfriend's three-month-old baby boy. Instructions or no; some things are just wrong not only for the commission of the crime but for the mother who allowed this to happen if not watch. There's nothing more I will say about this except clearly there was a lack of good direction somewhere.

Either way you slice it, with or without directions, there were some things I knew I was gonna get a switch for and other things not even worth finding out what might happen. Instructions help only if you're reading AND using them. Parents cant do it all; the community helps too. Lastly, kids, like it or not, have their part which is "dictated" to them, not request "of" them like a McDonald Happy Meal or a Burger King "have it your way..." No school like the old school.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Prison of Bliss

There are some things in life that are pretty sure things...change, death, taxes and the human disposition to ordain chaos. Thats not a newsflash or a headline; but the captioned disclaimer under the birth certificate of every mortal. We war against ourselves from the first swap on the butt that makes us scream for air. Do this, dont do that, be this, not like that, avoid them, beware, etc. I have very early memories of mine and yours. I might argue that my persona came preinstalled. Any crib or playground being observed will support the struggle evolving at the knowledge of mine and yours. Sure, we would love to say that all our polically correct ideals are just how we are; but in truth, we know better. We spend our lives pretending to be who we want others to think we are with the waking fear that someone will discover the back of our trousers/dress is missing. We try to hide all the truely human aspects of our mortalities....everybody remembers that Elvis died on the can. If he had the choice, he would have changed the PR on that one to died on stage before a packed farewell tour. We discard our women as they age because irregardless of what we hold as an "advanced society" of morals; the currency of America or the world hasnt changed since the Dark Ages. I think I will let you figure that one out; but you may be sitting on the answer.

prisonbreak we only want out when we're in or because we're in...

Our nine-month captivity would be thought not nearly long enuf if we knew beforehand what leaving would demand. Perhaps air is over-rated. Amphibians might be the lucky ones...air or water. But forced out we are; even expelled, swatted for bad behavior and forced to live outside in the "other world." Thats long before the crown of thorns from society, media and religion are forced down onto our tender temples. Yes, we've been bleeding since day one...maybe before then. Perhaps it is only the female cycle that hints to us that though we bleed, we can still live. If we still live then we have another chance to war against ourselves tomorrow. But for now, this delicious skin is quite cozy and its got my name on it.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Haunted by Ourselves....

haunted reflections

I was talking with an old friend last nite as I sat in front of my computer screen listening to the rain falling on the roof outside. We go way back and he still lives in the town we went to highschool in. After catching me up on his life and some big decisions we joked about my return to that same town. We laughed briefly afterwhich; I admitted that I had considered it. That was shocking to both of us. Its a fair city but its full of ghosts for me. It would seem now that I'm not there that most were self inflicted hauntings probably brought on by my own inferiority complexes and not being comfortable in my own skin. Luckily all thats changed now (I think so at least). He spoke of a hello someone had passed along from our old highschool days. I laughed and replied that nobody ever talked to me in does he even know who I am? Despite my silent ackwardnesses, I had been at least memorable. Not being a jock, musician or bad boy had its privlidges...solitude.

He had spent time telling his son what an incredible artist I had been. Indeed looking back, I suppose I was. He had requested that I draw something for his son. Of course I laughed. My response was buried in excuses and ramblings about how long I had even held just a pencil in my grasp for something other than writing out a bill or check. His response was of memories of things done at the drop of a hat that were long since dead or at best mummified beyond reanimation.

I dont know that I became who I ever meant to be. I dont know who I would be except me. I dont know what they saw then thats visible or invisible now. I do know, despite the ghosts, I am me. I am happy inside my skin...very. I do know that we daily make amends with the past even when its not in front of us anymore. Trace Adkins' song "You're Gonna Miss This" was on the radio on the commute in. It seems that I knew all the words. Yeah, I miss that. I'm gonna want that back, I'm gonna wish those days hadnt gone by so fast....but I'm working hard at enjoying every now while I'm in this moment; happy, thankful, joyful and always pondering...