Friday, November 21, 2008

Percolating Friday

per·co·late  (pûrk-lt)
Verb [-lating, -lated]
1. to pass or filter through very small holes: the light percolating through the stained-glass windows cast coloured patterns on the floor
2. to spread gradually: his theories percolated through the academic community
3. to make (coffee) or (of coffee) to be made in a percolator [Latin per- through + colare to strain]

This is a new idea that has happened upon a frosty chilled morning in Nashville on a Friday with very little action going on, very little demand on our time and very little to do other than this....coming up with something to do. I have read at least a hundred photoshop tutorials and they were great; but there has to be more. Now there is. Its "Percolating Friday." Its an idea that the The Pensive, It Depends and I will share come on aboard; but let us know you're there or link.

Well this day has been a one that has passed slowly which frees up a lot of graymatter stagnation. What is there to notice, to think about, to consider.... Oh so much. I stare down at the homeless and wonder where they are going on a day, much less the coming night, like this. I see the old newspapers blow across the cold asphalt and wonder how long it actually takes to disintegrate. Al Gore probably knows.

disintegrating realities

I cant help but wonder with all the cars going by that have no idea I am watching them what they are wondering, what they are worried about, what they dont want anyone else to know. In the shadow of the Batman building, the light shimmers on all that is dark and the coldness keeps it from scampering away before I see it. These blogs that millions of people write and others read are the summation of thoughts, events, feelings and experiences that blow away in the winds of time just like the old newspapers. But yes, some hang around longer than others; i.e. The Constitution, The Bible, The Bill of Rights, etc. Democracy may be not very different than any of these "noble" writings that we attempt to live and govern our society by.

What lerks beneath the surface of mans heart. Look at what surrounds him, observe who he is when he doesnt have to be anyone, and yes, when he doesnt know you are looking. If God were being paid a salary, would he get overtime pay? Is there a "cosmic union" that says how many times he has to give us more chances or how many hours he has to delve out to certain groups? If the future were now; would yesterday have been any different? Where does a blog about percolation go? Anywhere it goes is where it is; isnt that what comes to the surface?

The only question remaining.... are we the coffee, the pot, the cup, the holes or the heat?


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