Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crawling Out of What I See

out of my image

Sometimes you can find yourself captive in the mirror. No, not for those self adoring reasons; the other ones. Sometimes the reflection moves before you do, no longer willing to remain in synchronicity. Sometimes the perception is more real than the reality. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which one is a product of the other. Is the reflection the reflection?

Crawling out of one's self is a worthy ideal for anyone who hasnt taken the time to enjoy or become comfortable with themselves. Some do it before they are with someone else; others find themselves along the way with help from companions. It is said in old stories that the eyes are the gateways to the soul. Some have even said that our orafices are the gateways of the spirits. Why do you think people say "bless you" when you sneeze. Its like Ragu; its all in there. If you should be fortunate enuf to actually see yourself crawling out before your eyes, dont freak out. A gentle hello and warm cup of joe help ease the ackwardnesses. You might discover that you arent opposites but brothers or sisters. Someone else is quoted at "a strand of three cords is not easily broken..." You can become stronger if you are all working together; but that may be no small order. Sooner or later, everything must be taken captive. Sometimes you MUST trap yourself behind your perceptions; other times our perceptions trap us from who we are. You get to decide; but wonder who you are first...


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Truth is what it is, but it has levels (or layers, if you prefer). Not every 'other' is bad. What is life if we don't test the boundaries every now and then?