Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is IT Friday Yet??!!!

coy cosmic clown justice

The taste of horrible is the flavor of your own mistakes.... Well its been a long time coming. You know when there's something lurking, tracking, hunting you from an unseen location. You know the attack is inevitable; every dog has his day. You do the best you can to minimize the damage; but yes, there will be damage. Today was mine. I knew it WAS coming; I just didnt know what. Either way, I will survive the gashes in my pride and solace to fight and elude another day while watching whomever is next after me as the soup de jour. It kinda makes me smile, the justice of the universe, the irreverance of the cosmos, the fairness of time. No hard feelings; just a bruised imperfect ego. Kay Se Rah Se Rah. I regret and delight in my imperfections....


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