Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Cost of Change: Essence of Temptation

Its one of those things that leaves you puzzled sometimes, change. In this instance, change refers to the patterns of behaviors that we return to over and over. When its all said and done, nobody cares what you said til they see what you did....there is some wisdom in that. We are in an election year and despite watching the debate between two qualified candidates, I cant help but wonder how many times politicians have actually kept any of their promises; i.e. "no new taxes," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," "I cannot tell a lie..." You get the idea. But who are we to judge; the general public. Would our lives withstand the same scruitny of politicians or ministers or public figures? "BUT they signed up for it," you rebuttle....they knew what would happen to their family and kids.... Who would want to be President and what kind of ego or personal belief would dictate such a grandeos ambition?

The Pensive, A. Standfield's recent blog entitled Looking Back concerning change comments the ability to change being incomplete or unreal if we continue to regress...hmmmm. ‘No change is permanent, but change is’…what think you, Maximus?) That must be some strong coffee...this is a great question. Some say "when in Rome...." My wife says when I am back in West Tennessee, I regress to talking "West Tennessee"....and some of you know the dialets of different Tennessee locations. But the question remains, if you can regress, did you actually change? What is change? Is change a moment, a decision, a lifestyle, or a landmark? Do you have people or places that make you someone else or who you are?

I think we enjoy the escape of being either who we really are or being able to escape who everyone else thinks we are. My oldest friends keep me grounded because they know who or how far or much I have changed and remain the same. It takes someone who knows enough history to be aware of one's location in life or maturity. There is a comfort in old friends to which nothing else compares. Have you changed? Or have you mastered projecting images?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

'Projecting images'...preparing a face to meet the faces that we meet. In the end it is indeed the things we do and not the things we say. I can say I'm the king of the world until I'm blue in the face, but until you see me on the throne there's no reason to believe a word of it.