Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walking Alone for the Last Time

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It's odd how the mind finds ways to ask questions. Most people seem to be afraid of questions; but isn't that the power of the mind, the genius of it's creation. But if its creator is so perfect; why do we seem so imperfect, so troubled, so questioning and even powerless? I listen to teens and 20-somethings and they defiantly ask questions. Questions that the old school might only blush at before running away screaming. However; truth be told, they probably ask the same questions when they were 20-something too; they just don't remember. It's all good. Be who you are and love yourself; that's what you were made to do. It's fascinating to watch the "system" try to force people into molds and their nature's into cookie-cutter dies.

There are three of us in the office and somehow suicide came up. Oh yeah, because of the recent Vince Young scare. One asked how I felt about people who did it? Did I have any sympathy for the person or for their family? Oh YES! I have friends who have committed suicide. There would seem to be a range of emotions that flood you in that situation from hurt to rage. You notice the absence and helplessness. You wonder "what" or "if you had just" ...whatever. You wonder what was worth doing this thing; everybody has problems; but they pass.

In the same breath, I think everybody's got a number that comes up and that's the day it happens; not a minute before or being born. So does that mean that that was the way they were destined to check out? I dont know. I know its not "my way" and "I" am the only one I can speak for. Being the oldest of 6 kind of gives you a "god-complex" or "father-plex" and you always want to "fix" everything or "tell" more than "listen." It's only slightly tough to recover from such a bad habit. Who can stop destiny or question someone else's lifepath? I can only try and help anybody that's around me but I cannot make them "me" or change who they are. In the same breath, you can lead the horse to the water; but you cannot make them drink it.

Life is a constant TRANSFORMATION! That's what I love about it. I am not the same as I was yesterday. Nothing can stop me from changing tomorrow and today doesn't have to dictate who I am tomorrow. Everything is possible and the impossible is only limited by my determination. I would even say that death might be saddled by the same statements; don't know, I havent been there yet (at least not to my knowledge) I go with what I know. I am not afraid to "believe;" and that doesn't mean I cannot ask questions. We move through live hopefully growing, not remaining the same and unfortunately "good" is a point of reference relative to position. Thats not to say you should disregard everything or everyone else.

There is ALWAYS another way.
I think therefore I am.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
Get the right information from the right people.
Ignorance may be bliss; but consequences arent.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Difficult subject handled very well. We never know what another person is going through, but we do know that change is the only constant in this life. Maybe my favorite blog ever.